Dec 31, 2008

My 2008 Year in Review

My 2008 year in review


Started the year off on the east coast. I spent New Years in Washington,DC with the Mischief guys. The day I got home, my 240 got shortened by a Suburban. I went to the NHRA museum in Pomona, CA.Went and saw the FNF4 garage. Supaca Imports came and went. Some R34 GT-R's and S15 got seized. Watched some cars drag racing at Fontana. Gas was only 2.99 per gallon .The Gucci Cadillac was waiting for Bdubb. He eventually bought it and we drove it to Chicago.


Started on the trip planning to Chicago in the Gucci Caddy. Loading up the Caddy in MDR. It was cold on the trip. This says 16 F. Just after that, we hit a retread on the freeway, which pushed the torque converter cover into the torque converter. It sounded bad, but a few minutes later in the freezing cold it was off. We made it to Chicago in the Gucci Caddy. No problems. No tickets, not even a second look. We didn't even have license plates on the car. Another idiot - the Skyline King. They never go away, new ones just pop up. D1 cancels its 2008 series in the US ? Go karting at Kart Factory, which from reports is closed now. Its location was a little out of the way and hidden.


Worked on the car lot at Inland Wholesale Auto Center, Bloomington ,CA. Supaca came back with more, and more. I went and tried to visit them in their "office". Then Drift Tuners from Canada decided to be idiots too. Import cars regardless if they are legal or not. The Jspec Connect R35 GT-R went on the dyno. Josh's R33 GT-R was in a movie - Street Racers. Diesel got expensive 4.39 a gallon. Saw a Bugatti Veryon in the parking garage at the building. R32,R33,R34,R35 GT-R's went to HIN LA. A GT-R got stolen from a car dealer in Canada and was recovered by the interweb. Cleaned up a garage. Bdubb had a party with a hot dog cart.


GT-R's at Universal City Nissan. Gas was $4.05. Moving trucks are slow. Did a little more FNF4 stuff. Sent an Airstream aluminum trailer to Australia on a flat rack. Worked on Targa Newfoundland GT-R planning, but ran out of time and money for 2008.


R34 GT-R Service Manual in English.Saw the 2009 Nissan Maxima at Stillen.


The Street Racer movie that Josh's R33 appeared in came to DVD. After 17 years the F150 was not the top selling vehicle in the US. Went to Cars and Coffee. I got my R35 GT-R. NOPI canceled Colorado and Utah events. I found R35 GT-R's at the port in Long Beach. More illegal Skylines were seized. More GT-R's were seized in Florida.


Formula Drift didn't like Skylines. 0-60 article on Motorex was released. An R35 GT-R was following an R35 GT-R. Four GT-R's got loaded for the trip overseas. NOPI canceled the nationals and the rest of their events. Went to Arizona to buy an R35 GT-R. Cobb R35 GT-R vs FAS R34 at Time Attack. Went to the Top Gear pilot filming.


Went to HIN Night shift at Pomona with a few GT-R's. The Fast and Furious 4 trailer was released.


Went to NASA Nationals, towing Dan's Scion. Mid Ohio tried to kill me. Or the tail end of Ike tried to kill me actually. Saw a Chevrolet Volt.


Ran Jeffs car on the dyno. Took it down the 1/8th mile at Irwindale. Saw some horses race each other at Santa Anita park. Import Tuner magazine had a 10th anniversary party. November was going to be a busy month. Turbo Magazine was killed off by Source Interlink. I cut a GT-R pumpkin for Halloween.


Went to SEMA. There were 24 R35 GT-R's at the show Went to Time Attack. Matt Andrews won the RWD Street, and RWD Modified classes Went to Red Bull Drifting. Went to the LA Auto Show. Source Interlink killed Sport Compact Car Magazine. Another one bites the dust. SCC will be missed. Went 11.0@131 mph in Jeffs R32.


Super Lap Battle Results. Started selling R35 GT-R Service Manuals on CD. Fast and Furious 4 releasing April 2009 . DriftTuners popped up again talking big talk. They faded away pretty quickly when we called their bluff. RB30's. An R35 GT-R went 10.53. The seven quickest 1/4 mile Nissan GTR's in the US. 12 R35 GT-R's went to Buttonwillow. No transmissions broke.

South Side Performance GT-R Parts

Throttle body spacers. Plenum Spacers. Hard Pipe Kit . Coolant Tank

Buttonwillow R35 GT-R Trackday Pictures

From forum

A couple of TYC Photography's images. I really like the one with 5 cars all together.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera vs Nissan GT-R

With screaming passengers.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera vs Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R vs Morris Minor

Nissan R35 GT-R Vs Morris Minor Down the Drag Strip - The best video clips are here

I don't think they can claim vs, as the cars don't go heads up. Just two cars at the drag strip.

Australian GT-R.

Two Minute Lap at Buttonwillow: Budez GT-R

Gary Sheehan driving. Aeromotions Wing test

Buttonwillow Race 13CW

Dec 30, 2008

A Couple of Interesting Things From Buttonwillow Trackday

Brake Ducts (I like to say ducks, like quack, quack).

Neo's brake ducts to his rotors. He is running Carbotech pads, AP rotors , and ducting to the front and rear brakes. He is grabbing air from under the car and feeding it at the rotor.

JIC/Ziel GT-R 20mm spacers all around

More interesting things.

Wingless. I always have dug wingless.

Sparco harness bar in the Axis car. This is not made for an R35, rather adapted to fit the R35.

Blue and Yellow make Green. I had to get them together for this shot.

In Car Video - JIC/Ziel R35 on Buttonwillow.

Sorry for the hand held camera. My mount just wasn't going to work. John from JIC was hustling the car around the track.

The car was doing around a 2:00 with a passenger. Thats pretty fast for Buttonwillow race 13cw.

It was a fun day. Next time maybe even a couple of heritage GT-R's will show up

Quad Charged R35 GT-R : Option Article Translated

Thanks to Zeal Northgate from Myspace for the translation on this article.

RB Motorsports used to deal with Power Enterprise here in the US. They had some very interesting and unique products.

The big problem with this kit, and all centrifugal superchargers is they ramp up boost with RPM.The more RPM's you turn, the more boost it makes. However, this doesn't make up for the deficiencies in turbochargers lack of low end response for most people. In order to get low end response, you need a roots style, or screw supercharger. There was a great article by Richard Holdener on twin turbo,vs supercharger setups on a Mustang engine.

Power Enterprise also mentions their piggy back ECU, that will add air/fuel control ,igniton control, nitrous control, boost control , launch control,additional injector controller, and variable cam control. They also add the option for D-Jetro or non mass air flow meter control of the engine. I am not a big fan of piggy back ECU's, but it will be interesting to see how it works out. One additional thing they mention is nice to hear, a way to cancel the stock A/F ratio correction.

After the jump the untranslated version.

In Car Videos : Buttonwillow Race 13

A couple of Neos in car videos from Buttonwillow Race 13CW. His car turned a best time of 1:57.7

One more:

Motor Trend Magazine - 2009 Nissan GT-R Horsepower

Motor Trend Magazine recently took an R35 GT-R to a Dynomite dyno to try and find the truth about Nissan GT-R's horsepower.

When you arrive at Hyper Power International and first see this new dyno, it looks like any other inertia-type dynomometer -- four big rollers, wires, computer screens, the usual -- and like any other dyno you start the process by strapping your vehicle down.

Their findings after the jump

Averaging the runs gives us a Hyper Power rating of 485 hp @ 6050 rpm and 470 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm.

At the end of a pull, the computer instructs the operator to put the vehicle in neutral, the dyno then measures the rate at which all the rotating parts slow down, which is directly related to friction and inertia. Our instruments found the loss to be exponential -- as the speed grew so did the loss. We saw a loss of 23 hp at 50 mph and 84 hp at 100 mph. Over the three runs we saw a driveline loss range from 88 hp to 93 hp.

This is what I have been saying for years. You can not calculate driveline loss as a fixed percentage. Its a certain amount, plus perhaps a small amount for a car. Some people have tried to say heat,and load, and they may play into the overall calculation a little bit, but not much. Here in the US most people go for Dynojet numbers at the wheels. At the engine power is not really discussed anymore. What really matters is what gets to the wheels. However head on over to the UK forums, and its all at the engine numbers. Everyone there calculates power from wheels power to engine power. Different parts of the world, do things differently. Motor Trends conclusion is that Nissan is telling the truth on the horsepower, but the car makes more torque.

Z- Car Garage Writeup

Z- Car Garage put up a writeup from their experience at the Buttonwillow R35 GT-R Trackday. They have a new harness bar that they are working on that will not interfere too much with the day to day operation of the car, but allow you to put harnesses in the car. I needed harnesses when riding along and trying to film at the same time.
With the mounting design that we have chosen for the horizontal harness bar, there are no sharp edges of any kind to injure owners or passengers when not in use. This design also allows removal and installation of the horizontal bar to take less than 5 min. That’s right, from rear passengers to 6pt. ready in 5 minutes. You saw it here first.

It was good to see Rob and the guys from Z-Car Garage. Z- Car Garage is worth calling, just to hear their hold music. They have old Z- Car commercials as hold music. I have been talking to Rob for years about RB's and GT-R's. If you are in the SanJo / Bay area and need some Nissan help head over to Z-Car Garage.

The Z-Car Garage R35 ran a best time of 2:02 on Bridgestones. They mention some brake fade, which I also felt in the JIC/Ziel car. I think for most people, the car just needs some ducting. Add some air to the center of the rotor to help cool it off. Then maybe some Castrol SRF , and a good trackday brake pad. Stock pads are fine for street and all around use,but for more serious use, the car weighs 4000 lbs with driver.

Have You Ever Stuck Your Head Out the Window ?

Sorry if its a bit sideways at first. Trying to hold on and film. Thanks to John from JIC/Ziel Motorsports for the ride.

Dont stick your head out the window.

AXIS Wheels R35 GT-R and Budez R35 GT-R

Just a quick clip of a couple cars from the Buttonwillow GT-R track event.

More being uploaded, and perhaps even edited. Up at 4:30 am today , past midnight now. A little tired.

Dec 29, 2008

Buttonwillow R35 GT-R Trackday

A dozen Nissan R35 GT-R's made it out to the track day today at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in Buttonwillow, CA. It was a fun day for all. We had a lot of laughs and a good time. No major offs. No major issues. No broken transmissions. At least a couple cars under 2 minutes. I took a few pictures with the point and shoot. I also took some videos outside, and inside John from JIC/Ziel Motorsports R35 GT-R. I was hand holding the camera, so the video will probably make you sick. Its was a fairly intense ride trying to hold the camera, and hold on.

It was chilly in the morning. I saw the temperature as low as 31 degrees on my trip up. Over the grapevine at around 4000 feet there was still a little snow on the mountains.

Coming up soon some videos, and pictures.

Dec 27, 2008

Spike TV Winners and Losers of 2008

Spike TV Winners and Losers of 2008.


The western world had been waiting literally decades to get our own Skyline, and we finally did, the R35 Nissan GT-R. And it was worth the wait. With twin turbo V6 making a notoriously underrated 480hp and some of the most advanced technologies available in the automotive market today, the GT-R showed up the Porsche 911 GT-2, the reigning king of Germany’s Nürburgring, by breaking the Porsche’s lap record - for half the price. And with the brand new 2009 370Z already receiving accolades from motoring press around the world, Nissan’s performance division is really hitting their stride right now.

Not only do they have Nissan in the winners list, they have Porsche on the Losers list because of their try at running a GT-R at Nurburgring.

It's been a rough year in Stuttgart. First, they tried to take Nissan to task by stating that their GT-R's Nürburgring time was doctored, and that Porsche's own race drivers could only achieve 7:54 with the Japanese supercar - about twenty seconds slower than both a 911 Turbo and a 911 GT2. Nissan responded by suggesting that Porsche just put down the GT-R before they hurt themselves, and take some driving lessons:

We are aware that several automakers have purchased the GT-R for their own testing and evaluation. We would welcome the opportunity to help any auto manufacturer with understanding the full capabilities of the GT-R.

Then Nissan went back to the 'Ring and ran the same lap a second time. Sorry Porsche, it's true. The GT-R is faster. Deal with it. You just look like jackasses now.

New York Times - End of the Year Favorites

The Nissan GT-R made a couple of the writers from the New York Times Automotive sections favorites list this year. Detroit, We Have a Problem and Last Call for Horsepower.From Ezra Dyer
1. NISSAN GT-R This was the most-hyped sports car in recent memory, and it actually delivers on its promise: Porsche 911 Turbo performance for base-911 money. To my mind, the fact that it doesn’t wear a fancy nameplate adds to its appeal.

From James G. Cobb.

5. NISSAN GT-R Given all the hoopla over this supercoupe, a video-game superstar that Nissan never before imported to the United States, I was inclined to dismiss this exhibitionistic overachiever as a bauble for boy racers. But a few minutes at the wheel won me over. Civil around town and a beast when unleashed, the GT-R is now on the short list of cars I’d like to own.

Dec 26, 2008

Need a Nissan GT-R Transmission ?

Well there was a Nissan GT-R Transmission on Ebay. It probably was sold and taken down.

Perfect for someone who wants to build a better version of gr6 transmission. The transmission in second gear started making a knocking noise, however the car still could still go through all the gears but had the noise. Don't know whats wrong with it, but everything with the outercase looks intact, never been taken apart. Could be a simple fix. Just paid a ton of money for a new one.

If you need a spare one, here it is.

Power Enterprise Quad Charged GT-R

This lands on the realm of interesting. A quad charged GT-R. Twin Rotrex superchargers and stock twin turbos on this Power Enterprise demo GT-R.

The setup includes two Rotrex C30-94 superchargers, 650 cc injectors, an ECU, strengthened wastegate actuators , air intake, intercooler pipes, and an exhaust

The full specifications of the kit are going to be released at the TAS. I imagine this will be a fairly expensive kit. Its also interesting as belted superchargers act similar to turbochargers in their power delivery. They run about $2200 each, and are capable of supplying about 400 hp each supercharger. They would honestly be a little on the large side when used in conjunction with the factory turbochargers.

Source : Power Enterprise via GTRCenter.

Dec 24, 2008

FIA GT Racecar. GTR LM ?


This car was spotted at Fuji racetrack doing some shake down runs. It looks to be either the GT-R LM that has been rumored, or perhaps a variation on a race car.

Found some more information:

Japanese 'Auto Sport' magazine revealed the first details on a GT1 class Nissan GT-R R35 built on the new 2010 FIA GT1-Class specifications. Nissan performed the shakedown this Monday, December 22nd, at the Fuji Speedway. According to Auto Sport it sounded like it was equiped with an V8 engine and was running on Michelin rubber with AP-Racing brakes.
The best lap time the car set up during the shakedown was an 1'38"3.

It appears to have plexiglass windows , side exhaust exhaust , center lug wheels. Big front splitter. New rear wing.

Perhaps its rear wheel drive only ? For LM, and ALMS classes the car would have to be rear wheel drive.

When we get some more information and pictures, we will put them up. Be looking for them.

AP Racing brakes, and the carbon fiber work can be seen.

In this picture you can see how much wider the front and rear fenders are than the stock car. I would prefer to see the car as a V6 turbo, but it is likely that Nissan will follow the Super GT cars V-8 program.

Source : GT-R Center

Zele Complete Car Offered for Sale

Zele International is offering complete cars starting January 9th at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The current plans are for only eight cars to be produced. You are going to need to see Zele at the TAS for pricing. They mention that the price will be more than the SpecV GT-R , which comes in at 15,750,000 yen. Zele can modify left or right hand drive cars. JDM , US, or European specifications.

Full specifications list after the jump

ZELE Customised Paint Program *1
Dry Carbon Fiber Front Aero Bumper *1
Dry Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors *1
Dry Carbon Fiber Roof *1
Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler *1
Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
Carbon Fiber Rear Under Spoiler
Carbon Fiber Bonnet NACA Ducts
Carbon Fiber Front Fender Ducts
Dry Carbon Fiber Front Grille
Dry Carbon Fiber Intake Cover
Dry Carbon Radiator Shroud
Titanium Hood Support Bar

FZ-ROM ECU (Type3, Maximum Output 550ps)
Titanium Muffler (Type1 or Type2) *3
Rear Differential Oil Cooler Type-2 *3
ZELE Edition RAYS Gramlights R57GT 20"Alloy Wheels
ZELE Edition RAYS Volk Racing TE37G2 Alloy Wheels *2
Height Adjustable Suspensions Conversion Kit
RECARO Bucket Seats TS-G Alcantara
Zele Sports Brake Pads

*1 Exclusive available for ZELE Complete Edition.
*2 Optional
*3 Rear Differential Oil Cooler available only when Titanium Muffler Type1 is selected.

The Package includes a one year 20,000 km warranty and is available worldwide. The Zele Complete Edition can be ordered in US Spec (LHD) or European Spec (LHD) vehicles.

Source : Zele International via GT-R Blog

Dec 23, 2008

New Nissan GT-R with KW - Hockenheimring

Nissan GT-R at the Hockenheim Race Track in Germany. This movie is a "making of" of a SportAuto Magazine Fotoshoot.

KW Suspension

Nurburgring GT-R Video : One More Look

Here is another version of the Nissan GT-R Time Attack Video from Nurburgring. I don't remember seeing this version before.

Nurburgring Nissan GT-R

Source : Nagtroc

Dec 22, 2008

Pfitzner Gearbox Upgrades for the R35 GT-R in Development

Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes is working on a transmission upgrade for the R35 GT-R.

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox pride themselves on their design, research and development of custom built, high performance, close ratio gear sets, to the highest standard.

The process of gear design is detailed, technical and precise, starting with CAD drawings developed in our state of the art “control room” using the latest software available. These blueprints ensure specifications including tooth count, desired gear ratio and basics like "internal gearbox dimensions", for your project are incorporated, to produce the strongest, lowest wearing and efficient, tooth profile.

The custom tooth profile drawings are only the first stage of the process. The next step in the production of a Pfitzner Performance Gearbox is creating unique tools to cut the gear set to exact design. These tools are high-tech, modern and of the highest quality to ensure each gear set is produced with ultimate precision.

No information on a release date, or testing of this gearbox yet, but when we get some information we will pass it along.

PPG Gearboxes

Source : Nagtroc

Samurai Speed: 10.53@128.27 Pictures and Videos

1.50 60 foot 18 inch Volk TE-37 wheels and Mickey Thompson Drag Radials

Video after the jump


HKS GT570 Kit - Boost set to 17psi
Amuse STTI Exhaust (Catback)
Harman Motive Air Intake System
Custom Methanol Injection
Custom Cobb Map (Thanks John!)
18" Volk TE37s w/Mickey Thompson drag radials
Fuel: Mix of 93 and 109. I added a few gallons of 109 to just under a 1/3 tank of 93.
* Side Note: This car has a chromoly rollcage that probably adds 80-90lbs to the car's weight.

Source: Nagtoc

Quickest 1/4 mile Nissan GT-R’s in the US

0612_turp_04z nissan_skyline_gtr_r33 engine_viewThese are the quickest Nissan GT-R’s that I know of in the US. Apexi’s R33 ran 8.47@165 , Signals R33 has run into the 8’s, a few other Japanese demo GT-Rs have run also, but they are not included in this list.

If you have one to add, email me.



  Time GT-R Location Turbo Trans Power
#1 9.53 @ 157 mph
Diemans R33 Wichita International Raceway Twin 3240’s HKS 1133 awhp

9.73@145 mph

Mikes R33

  Twin RX6 Holinger ~940 whp
#3 9.77 @145 mph Aki R32 Fontana,CA T51R SPL HKS ~900 whp
#4 10.3@138 mph SP Engineering R33 Famoso,CA T51RSPL Holinger ~975 whp


Scott Joule – R32 Arizona T51R SPL Stock 5spd 850whp
#5 10.42@137 mph
XS Engineering R32 Fontana,CA Twin 2835 Getrag 850 whp
#6 10.53@128 mph
Samurai Speed R35 Florida Stock Stock ~600 hp
#7 10.63@131 mph
Wen R33 Fontana, CA T51R SPL OS Gearset 850 whp

As you can see from the list, the T51R SPL is a fairly popular turbo. One smoking fast R35 GT-R

Samurai Speeds Transmission Breaks On Video

Samurai Speeds R35 GT-R is the quickest GT-R in the World setting a 10.55@128 mph and 10.53@128 mph pass with over 100 LC launches. In this video, the transmission lets go. They seem to have found the limit.

* Believe it or not, I'm not all that upset about it. We knew we were going to have to upgrade it eventually, so now it will just happen sooner rather than later.

Now they have the chance to upgrade the transmission

Source: Nagtroc

Dec 21, 2008

Jotech R35 GT-R HKS GT570 Kit Results

JanGTR183 VR38DETT Engine Mods:

HKS GT570 Kit: Downpipes, Y-Pipe, Actuators, Boost Controller, I/C pipes, HKS Plugs HKS Legamax Exhaust System

Cobb AP

SSP Plenum / TB Spacers


Extrude Hone Intake Manifold


AEM Uego Guage

Results after the jump:

ADyno Results (Mustang Dyno): Pump Gas Before 372hp / 356tq @ wheels (10psi) After: 548hp / 540tq @ wheels (19psi) Net Gains: 176hp / 184tq @ wheels That is a huge power gain. The old rule of thumb is 10hp is about 0.1 seconds in the quarter mile. It should make this car fairly capable in a quarter mile. HKS R35 GT-R Parts on ebay.

Source : Nagtroc

Dec 20, 2008

Godzilla Takes Vegas: SEMA article

SEMA has published an article on the Nissan GT-Rs at the SEMA Show. We even got a quote in the article. Check it out.
Of those 1,581 units sold, 24 of them were found on the Show floor. Veteran Skyline importer and expert Sean Morris of 2009GTR noted that "the aftermarket is still pretty young for the R35 GT-R. It is being well-received by most of the aftermarket, but it’s an expensive car and it has some expensive systems.”

SEMA also has a little bit of information about what they expect the buyers of the car to modify.

Source: SEMA

Nissan R35 GT-R Service Manual on CD

Nissan GT-R R35 Service Manual on CD

Nissan GT-R service manual in English

10.55@ 128.42 : Another New Record From Florida

This is the same car that has run 10.85 and 10.80 previously. It has "at least 100 LC launches on it according to the owner." A 1.497 60 foot on 18" Mickey Thompson drag radials.

We were running the same setup as our previous 10.80 run; just playing with some boost control settings. Mostly offset changes; still running 17psi. Car was running 100OCT. Temperature was about 71. LC was used.

Timeslip after the jump

Source : Nagtroc Forums

Dec 19, 2008

NOS Rental Vette vs Nissan GT-R - Garage419

Gene bets Matt he can beat a 2008 Nissan GT-R on the drag strip for only $500. Matt is skeptical until he sees what lunacy Gene has cooked up. On location in San Diego, CA. -Garage419

Nissan GT-R vs 911 Turbo

Nissan GT-R vs Porsche 911 Turbo

the 911 had a tune and exhaust work, the GT-R has the cobb tune.... 60' for the GT-R was 1.95, 60' for the 911 was 1.65.

Tuned GT-R vs Dodge Viper ACR

Nissan GT-R vs Dodge Viper ACR

For times, reaction time doesn't count

Dec 18, 2008

D Sport Magazine Tokyo Auto Salon Tour

The D Sport Magazine 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon trip is coming up soon. January 7-12 for the normal tour. January 7 -14. The tour includes a tour of the factory where the R35 GT-R engine is built. Click the link for more information and pricing.

Tokyo Auto Salon Tour

Source : Beyond the Dyno

BBI Exhaust on illPaynes GT-R

BBI center exit exhaust and mid pipe.

illPaynes Blog

Maisto Die Cast GT-R's

From the Need for Speed Undercover line. 1:64 Nissan GT-R Police version due out in Spring, 2009.

Japan has had R32, R33, R34 GT-R police cars in the past. I don't remember seeing any R35 GT-R police cars in Japan yet.

Maisto also has a couple of 1/43rd scale R35 GT-Rs from their Bburago line - red and white that are waiting approval.

More GT-R diecast and plastic toys. Source : Maisto Blog

Dec 17, 2008

Nissan GT-R Vs Ducatti 1098

Car vs Bike on the track

The GT-R was 3.1 seconds faster. Thats pretty insane.

Nissan GT-R COBRA N+ Speed

From our friends in Germany
The COBRA N+ Tuning Concept for the New Nissan GT-R

Rarely has a new car attracted this much attention a full year before its official market launch. The Nissan GT-R reaches for the stars on the wings of a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine with 485 hp / 356.9 kW and permanent four-wheel drive. The development of an extensive tuning program at COBRA N+, the division of Cobra Technology & Lifestyle (Alleestrasse 15-19, D-33818 Leopoldshöhe, Germany, phone +49 / (0) 52 02 / 99 92 60, fax +49 / (0) 52 02 / 99 92 50, Internet that exclusively deals with the customization and tuning of Nissan automobiles, is running at full steam.

Power can only be substituted with more power. The COBRA N+ engineers are already hard at work developing engine tuning for the turbocharged engine. The first tuning stage is projected to deliver 550 hp / 404.8 kW, with an increase in torque to 680 Nm. To achieve this goal the engine electronics are reprogrammed, boost pressure is increased by 0.15 bar and the air intake is modified with sport air filters. Also under development is a free-flow COBRA N+ stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with metal catalysts.

Thus powered the Nissan GT-R from COBRA N+ will sprint to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, on its way to a top speed of some 320 km/h. Plans exist for a COBRA N+ RACE PERFORMANCE engine version with 620 hp / 456.3 kW and a peak torque of approximately 800 Nm.

COBRA N+ also adds further sporty character to suspension, wheels and brakes of the new top-of-the-line model from the Japanese carmaker. Three-piece, extremely lightweight 21-inch COBRA N+ light-alloy wheels are slated to fill out the space beneath the wheel arches perfectly. They’ll also create the necessary space for COBRA N+ eight-piston brake calipers and 405-mm brake discs on the front axle. A COBRA N+ coil-over suspension gives the sports car even better handling. It features a multitude of selectable settings for ride height and damper rates.

The COBRA N+ tuning concept for the GT-R also includes a sporty designer suit. The front of the two-door car receives added character with a new COBRA N+ front apron with large air dams. The aerodynamic-enhancement part also reduces lift on the front axle and improves cooling-air supply of radiators and front brakes. COBRA N+ rocker panels ensure optimal air flow between front and rear wheel arches. The rear is upgraded with a new COBRA N+ rear apron with integrated diffuser, and a larger COBRA N+ rear airfoil. The COBRA N+ Speed and Stripes decal kit accentuates the striking lines of the sportscar.

For customizing the interior COBRA N+ offers two different options. Nissan GT-R owners can choose from a luxurious COBRA N+ interior with specially sewn upholstery for seats and doors, made from a high-quality combination of leather and Alcantara, and a COBRA N+ racing cockpit with ultra-light carbon-fiber racing seats, six-point seatbelts and roll cage.

The COBRA N+ tuning program for the Nissan GT-R will be available for the car’s European market launch in the spring of 2009.

Interesting look.


C6 Z06 Engine Not Covered Under Warranty

Turn about is fair play. A recent poster on Corvette Forums said that he was at a HPDE with his C6 Z06 and experienced engine failure. The dealer would not cover this engine failure under warranty.Everyone in the world, is covering, and talking about the Nissan GT-R transmission like its glass. How Nissan is not covering it under warranty. What Nissan is not covering is abuse.

Just for the record My engine blew while on track at a performance driving school and our friends at GM WILL NOT WARRANTY THE ENGINE REPLACEMENT. The warranty language states that they will not cover damage caused while racing or competitive driving. I was not involved in either situation. I was enrolled in a performance driving school that does not teach racing or allow any competition between students.

Many peoples arguements for GM covering it are that the car is listed as being "race ready". Driving schools offered with the cars and ZR1's when they are sold. Sounds like Nissan and transmissions all over again. Some people say they have had their engines replaced under warranty, some say the dealers refused based on sometimes "excessive tire buildup" in the wheelwells. I will be following this thread a little see where it goes.

This ones for all the GT-R haters out there.

Source : Corvette Forum

MCR Skyline GTR R35 vs RE Amemiya RX7 VS Spoon NSX R Turbo

If the embedded video doesn't work.


Pre-Orders for the Spec-V GT-R Start December 19th

Have a spare 15,750,000 yen ? Nissan will start taking pre-orders for the Spec V Nissan GT-R starting tomorrow in Japan. The release of the Spec V is set to January 8th, 2009

Power is rated at 485ps with an overboost button. GT-R World says that it has 80 seconds of overboost, and then it needs to reset Maybe 80 seconds on, 80 seconds off. What exactly that means, we will find out a little clearer in the next few weeks.

The biggest, and most significant change is the carbon ceramic brakes. These would contribute greatly to the overall weight reduction of(edit - 132 lbs - 1680kg-3703 lbs) 90kg (198 lbs). To replace the brakes, expect a cost of 4,000,000 yen or about $45,300 dollars. Yes thats right. $45,000 to do a brake job on the Spec V. The expected weight of the Spec V is 1637kg(3608 lbs), still no flyweight.

Many of the parts that we first heard of and saw on the Nismo "Clubsport" GT-R are on the Spec V.

The titanium exhaust and diffuser.

The carbon fiber seats.

The suspension is 10-15 mm lower, and the suspension setting is fixed in the "R" mode. The front lip will have a carbon brake duct located in it.

Volume is expected to be 30 units per month in Japan. The Spec V will only be available though 7 selected dealerships in Japan. The requirements for this vehicle are very high, which is why we should not expect to see this car in the United States.

GT-R World quotes Tim Gallagher of Nissan North America, and says that the Spec V is not expected to be available in North America.

Source: GT-R World though GT-R Blog