Jul 31, 2010

New GT-R Club Track Edition Photos and Information

NISMO has released some information on the GT-R Club Track Edition for gentlemen.  The Club Track Edition will be available though three outlets in Japan, Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering, and Prince Tokyo Nissan. Coming in at over 500 horsepower and over 60 kg/cm of torque, the GT-R is equipped with new tuned Bilstein dampers, and 20 inch Dunlop slicks. Inside the car there is a roll bar or optional FIA approved roll cage. 

Jul 29, 2010

SpecM Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring



Nissan has been using the Nurburgring to tune its vehicles for several decades. The R35 GT-R’s second home has become Nurburgring.  These videos show a disguised 2011 Japan Spec M undergoing testing.  The Spec M has several pieces from the Spec V, the brake ducts in the front lip, the wheels. The suspension is supposed to be softer and closer to a Spec “Man”, not a boy racer model.  Expect to see interior upgrades, and a pretty hefty price tag.  Not likely to show up in the US, and with the current Japanese GT-R market, we will have to see how it will sell there.

Source: Autoblog

STILLEN Exhaust and Midpipe Start up - High idle and Light Rev Video

STILLEN Exhaust and Midpipe Start up - High idle and Light Rev. The sound was overpowering my cameras microphones. At cold start, the GT-R is at high idle that settles down after about 30 seconds. The rear diffuser is off for some carbon fiber upgrades.

Here is a video of a customer from Australia's R35 GT-R. Sounds awesome.

Cobb Tunings Tim Bailey Talks Nissan GT-R

Tim Bailey Nissan GT-R Tim Bailey, the mad scientist of speed from Cobb Tuning, talks about his personal Nissan R35 GT-R development car, what needs to change in the next GT-R and the issues he faces drag racing a supercar. R35 GT-R Performance Parts

Jul 28, 2010

Kelford Camshafts for the VR38DETT - Nissan GT-R

Kelford Cams have been producing high quality racing camshafts since 1968 .The latest racing cams are CNC ground using ultra modern design programs. Kelford have been working on a few camshaft profiles for the VR38. The 231-A grind is a lower lift and duration that can use the factory springs.  The 231-B has a more aggressive lift and duration that requires a valve spring change.

The mild cam comes in at 266 degrees of duration on the intake and exhaust with 10mm of lift inlet, and 9.97 mm of lift on the exhaust side.
The aggressive cam has 276 degrees of duration intake and exhaust with 11.25 mm of lift inlet, and 11.22 mm of lift on the exhaust side.

Stock VR38's have 238 degrees of duration with 9.56 mm lift intake , and 248 degrees of duration, with 9.88 mm of lift on the exhaust.

GT-R performance parts

STILLEN / Penske R35 Nissan GT-R Two-Way Adjustable Coilovers

Jotech from Garland, Texas posted up some pictures and information on a track R35 GT-R that they are building for a customer.

The STILLEN / Penske two-way adjustable shock bodies for the R35 are constructed out of CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum for lighter weight and cooler operating temperatures. These shocks are machined with the tightest tolerances possible to ensure smooth operation and eliminate any fluid by-pass or restriction during the shock stroke. Each shock is hand built by the same technicians assembling shocks for the world’s best race cars. After assembly, every shock is put on to the Penske shock dyno and tested/inspected to ensure flawless performance.

One of the biggest benefits of the STILLEN / Penske shock is the ease of adjustment. The adjustment areas are very easy to access, without having to even remove the tires from the car. With compression (bump) adjustments located on the reservoir canister and rebound adjustment knobs located on top of the shocks you can completely and precisely adjust your suspension in five minutes or less.

These shocks are available in a standard form as tested by STILLEN. They are proven to withstand any environment, and were used at the 2009 Targa Newfoundland Rally and will arrive to you with pre-set recommended settings for rebound and compression. These also come pre-assembled with Eibach racing springs.

In addition, STILLEN and Penske are also proud to offer the Penske Custom Axis line, which allows for completely custom shocks to be tailor-made to your request. Would you like a less expensive single way adjustable shock? A more exotic three way adjustable shock? Quick disconnects on the remote reservoir lines for easier installation? Whatever your needs we can accommodate. We will also work with Eibach to alter the spring rate based upon your setup preferences. Would you like a stiffer spring? A softer spring? We have all options available.
The OEM spring and damper weigh 61 lbs, the Penskes come in at 39 lbs, taking 22 lbs of weight off the car. About 1/2 the weight of a coil over is unsprung, and reducing unsprung weight helps with ride and overall handling.  The Penske's are great value for the money.

Penske Coil Over Technical Manual and Dampening Adjustment Guide


Jul 27, 2010

Nurburgring: The Ultimate GT-R Road Trip

Updated! 7-28-2010  Updated 7-29-10 - Paris

The Nissan GT-R. Nurburgring, the Nissan GT-R's second home. Over the last several years Nissan has been developing, and testing the R35 GT-R at Nurburgring. Before the R35, the spiritual predecessors, the R32, R33, and R34 GT-R spent hours of development time conquering the "Green Hell". The R33 GT-R was touted by Nissan as being the first production car to go faster than 8 minutes, a 7:59 with  Dirk Schoysman at the helm.

T's car in June 2009, when it stopped by STILLEN.
One Nissan GT-R owner from the US, decided to take his GT-R on the ultimate road trip.  Starting from southern California, Terrance - aka SoccerDad, sent his Royal-T Blue R35 to Europe.

In the beginning of July, the car was driven to the port in New Brunsick, GA and loaded on a boat to Belgium.

Prior to shipping out of the US. New wheels, new graphics.

   The trip itinerary .

Belgium July 25-26.
London July 26-28
Paris 28-30
Austria (maybe) 31
Nurburgring 1-4th

STILLEN-Built R35 GT-R Becomes Track Monster

  • Fully gutted interior only leaving factory speakers and subwoofer and dashboard (Customer requested stereo maintained).
  • Custom 8-Point Roll Cage built to SCCA specifications
  • Recaro Racing Seats w/ 6-Point Harnesses
  • Custom Seat Frames fabricated at STILLEN
  • Safecraft Fire Suppression System w/ 3 Spray Nozzles
  • Yokohama Advan F7 20×10 up front and 20×11 in back.
  • Dunlop 660 summer tires

Cobb Accessport - Upcoming Features - Knock Alert and Map Switching

Thistle from the NAGTROC forum has been working on a few new cool features for the Cobb Accessport for the R35 GT-R.  Cobb is showing that they are at the forefront of Nissan GT-R tuning and reflashing. Both of these features are not released yet, but we should start to see them fairly soon.
The first feature is flashing the boost gage on a knock event. When the ECU hears a knock event, it will be able to flash the boost gage to alert the driver to a possible problem. Knock , or pre-ignition is very damaging to a turbocharged engine.

The next feature is 9 way map switching with the cruise control buttons. Check out the video for the demonstration.

Look for these features soon. Purchase a Cobb Accessport here:

Dodson Motorsports Adjustable Front Upper Arms


The joints are CrMo with a teflon liner, 2 peice type ( body and ball ), same as what we use on our race cars. QA1 high misalignment

Dodson parts are available from STILLEN

Jul 26, 2010

NZ Performance Car Magazine Catches Up With Steve Millen


"The NZPC team were lucky enough to catch up with motor racing legend, Steve Millen last week at City Nissan, Takapuna. Steve is in New Zealand briefly to promote his range of high performance STILLEN parts available for Nissan 350Z, 370Z and R-35 models through the Auckland Nissan dealership."

Later on this year, the STILLEN Nissan GT-R will be competing at the Dunlop Targa in New Zealand. Six days of competition, approx 750kms of closed stages, to be run as five rounds of the Seria Campione.

Labour Day Monday 25th October to Saturday 30th October 2010

Auckland - New Plymouth(2) - Palmerston North - Wellington(2)

Some pictures from past events - http://www.targa.co.nz/Pictures_640.aspx

Jul 24, 2010

Nissan Skyline GT-R vs GT-R and ZR1 vs GT-R

First run: Nissan Skyline R34 Altechno (900HP) vs Nissan GT-R R35 R850 Juster (850 HP)
Second run: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 LPE (730 HP) vs Nissan GT-R R35 HKS GT570 (570 Hp)

Notice the R34 is left hand drive, Motec dash, and runs a sequential transmission(looks like a 5 speed dog box in the video below).  This looks like the same R34 GT-R beating a Veyron in a 1 mile race. The race doesn’t start until 3 minutes in. A couple line ups, dry hops, and a turn around or two in there.

Source: Dragtimes.infohttp://www.dragtimes.info/

Jul 22, 2010

400mm Carbon Ceramic Matrix Brakes for Skyline GT-R’s

Take one of these.. http://www.gtrblog.com/?s=gt-r+brakes+R32

Add this..

And then you will have about the most exotic, lightest road course, most expensive brake setup that would fit on a Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Dodson Motorsports Adjustable Rear Lower Camber Arms

Adjustable Rear  Lower Camber Arms are designed as a direct replacement of the standard arm which is prone to bending.  Made from 3mm high tensile steel tube with swaged formed ends and a high tensile one piece joint suitable for the owner who drives his car hard and has the adjustability for those racing theirs.


3mm high tensile steel tube
Swaged formed ends
High Tensile one peice joints
Left and Right hand theads
Plated for corrosion resistance
Formed ends for exact fitment

Dodson Motorsports parts available from STILLEN

Jul 21, 2010

Chevy Lumina vs Nissan GT-R

If you just read the title, and you are from the US, you will probably think of an entirely different result than you see below.  A Modified Chevy Lumina in the Middle East vs a stock Nissan GT-R.


Jul 19, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R Spy Videos

Edmunds Inside Line, and Auto Week have both posted videos of the updated 2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring. Watch one car hang the inside tire going into one corner.



Jul 12, 2010

HKS GT800 Kit Video

Ian from NAGTROC found this video of the HKS GT800 full turbine kit undergoing testing.
HKS is planning on  releasing at the end of July 2010, a full turbine kit as the GT800, featuring cast exhaust manifolds, Special GT II turbochargers , and GT II wastegates.

Jul 9, 2010

Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge : Nissan GT-R

One of the most active independent Nissan GT-R owners, Darin Ferraro, aka Kunai. Modified Magazine has chosen Darin’s GT-R to represent their magazine in the challenge. Similar to the old Ultimate Street Car Challenge by Sport Compact Car Magazine, the test involves 1/4 mile, time attack, emissions, braking, and dyno testing.

Jul 8, 2010

STILLEN Race Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

A quick video of the STILLEN Targa GT-R idling at the shop prior to it being shipped out to the Dunlop Targa event.  The race exhaust is a single exit, twin tip design that greatly reduces the weight of the exhaust system of the GT-R.
For more videos and information head over to :  http://www.stillen.com/gtrcatalog
STILLEN carries stock exit exhausts, mid pipes, AP J Hook brakes , AP CCM brakes, Penske Coil over suspension, upgraded 3 and 5 way adjustable sway bars, and more.

Jul 7, 2010

951 AWHP : Switzer R1K

Last Friday, before the 4th holiday weekend, we strapped the car on Buschur’s Mustang dyno and managed a 951awhp/804awtq run before we literally started driving through the stock clutches. I had manipulated the clutches into locking up early and aggressively. This was done so that I could make progress with the tuning on this new combination without taking the car out of action for transmission modifications while Shep and I evaluated some of the current gearboxes we have running before settling on the final specs for that part of this build.
951 awhp on a Mustang dyno is very stout.  This car should do nearly 160 mph though a 1/4 mile. Tym Switzer said that while running 30-32 psi, they were expecting to run up to about 3 bar or 43 psi of boost.