Jun 16, 2011

Stock 2012 GT-R Black Edition runs 125.5 mph in the quarter mile

Black Black Edition Nissan GT-R

MC from NAGTROC took his 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition to the dragstrip at ZMAXX Dragway in Concord, NC and ran a best pass of 11.22@125.5 mph.  Quick time, great mph for a completely stock car. He ran several passes in the 11.2 at 122-125 mph range.  The fastest times came in automatic mode.

His 60 foot times were all in the 1.7 range with a little bit of wheel spin. Some 2012 owners have seen 60 foots as quick as 1.58 seconds. A tenth in the 60 foot should bring about two tenths in the quarter mile. Good luck to him on his quest to run a 10 second pass stock. Now he will be searching for better DA's, and more traction.

Check out his videos of the runs:

Jun 15, 2011

Switzer R1KX - 1100 AWHP Dyno Video

R1KX engine
 400 horsepower at the wheels is fast. There are a lot of people in this world, that have no idea what 400 whp feels like.  It makes most giddy with excitement, with the g-force that presses you into the seat.  Now take that power and double it, nah, nearly triple it, and now how does it feel?   With that kind of power your right foot needs to be taken very seriously. Make sure you are pointed in the right direction, because what is over there is going to start coming towards you rapidly.

In this video a Switzer tuned R1KX puts down 1100 awhp at 30 psi of boost.  While 30 psi might sound high to a lot of people, the rumors are that Switzer has run as high as 45 psi testing R1K's. The R1KX sports some larger turbos than the run of the mill R1K, giving it potential out to?  Well, we will find out soon.

Jun 14, 2011

2013 Nissan GT-R to Get Horsepower Increase, SpecV to End

Inside Line is reporting the 2013 Nissan GT-R will get a horsepower bump. The exact figure is not stated, but they say Best Car is reporting a 30hp bump, bringing the car up to 560 hp.  I think that a more realistic number might be a 20hp bump to a nice, even 550hp.  This change is supposedly going to be across the board, and across the world cars. Will this be the final swan song for the Nissan R35 GT-R?


They also state that the SpecV will discontinue production this year. The sales of the 15,750,000 yen ($195,000) SpecV have been pretty slow since it was introduced, with the latest data I have saying only 49 cars as of December 2010.   The end of the SpecV production might lead to a possible SpecR. The rumors of the SpecR state it had more power, and came in 130 lbs lighter than the normal GT-R. It took a lot of very expensive parts, like $50k brakes, to get the SpecV 132 lbs lighter than the standard GT-R.

Source: Inside Line

Jun 13, 2011

Wall Street Journal Article : 2012 Nissan GT-R

The Wall Street Journal just published an article by Dan Neil, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist/critic,  on the 2012 Nissan GT-R with a few glaring inaccuracies.  They really need to do some fact checking with people at Nissan, at least give it a quick once over before publishing it.  The Wall Street Journal is a trusted source for information, and people trust that the information stated in the articles will be correct.  What happens from then, is they are quoted as a source, for wrong info.

Here are the mistakes:

How smart is this car? On public roads the top speed is a mere 112 mph. It will go its top speed of 196 only when the navigation system informs the car that it is on a Nissan-approved racetrack. For those who fear the nanny state, Mary Poppins just flew in the window.

The US model Nissan GT-R does not have this.  The Japanese market cars do, but its a feature that never made it here.  You don't need to be at a track, it will let you run up to its aerodynamic wall.

hand-built, dry-sump, direct-injection twin-turbo V6
The VR38DETT is hand built engine. It does not feature a dry sump oiling system. They say it works "near" dry sump, but its does not have a separate tank. The VR38 is not direct injection, it is a port fuel injected car.  This is a pretty big difference. Direct injection sprays fuel directly in the combustion chamber, port fuel injection sprays fuel into the intake manifold.  The new 997 Porsche is direct injection, and Nissan has some direct injection cars in its lineup, but the Nissan GT-R is not one of them.

And the whole thing is hardwired to a vehicle dynamics management (VDM) system that processes the data stream and optimizes the car's behavior as it seems to read the driver's mind.
VDM?  Nissan has always called it VDC.  Vehicle dynamic control. Its minor, but its not what Nissan calls it.

Maybe the reason the GT-R slips my mind is the dearth of motorsports glory. True, a Nissan GT-R just won the Tire Rack One Lap of America, a decathlon held at 10 racetracks across America. And GT-Rs are campaigned in European road racing. But Nissan is out of Le Mans-style prototype-sports-car racing and
Nissan was out of most international racing for a lot of years. They still were participating in race series in Japan(Super GT, Super Taikyu), and supporting other cars overseas, in a more limited role.  However, they have come back over the last two years, with GT1, and LMP2.  Nissan finished 1-2 at LeMans this year, the day after this article was published.  Infiniti,the luxury Nissan brand, is supporting the championship leading Red Bull F1 cars.

Nissan-powered cars have finished in first and second place in the 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours. Olivier Lombard took the chequered flag as LMP2 winner in the Zytek Nissan of Greaves Motorsport. In second place was the Oreca 03 Nissan of the Signatech Nissan team of Lucas Ordonez, Franck Mailleux and Soheil Ayari.

Source: NAGTROC  and Wall Street Journal

Jun 11, 2011

VR38DETT powered Dacia Duster

Earlier this week, I posted up some videos and pictures about the 850 hp VR38DETT powered Dacia Duster that is competing at the 2011 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.  I found a couple more videos, some more in depth, and better testing videos. The car is very purpose built.  In the video you can see the very large intercoolers, and turbo charger, and exhaust setup.  The car does sound a little odd, as you are only really hearing 3 cylinders at a time.

The first video is a build video, including some engine dyno.

The second video is a testing video.

Jun 10, 2011

717 AWHP : Switzer P800 GT-R

Switzer has been working on and perfecting their P800 upgrade kit for the Nissan GT-R over the last few years. In one of the latest cars out of the shop, the broad and flat torque curve shows the huge amounts of useable power. 717 all wheel horsepower, and 560 ft-lbs from around 4000 - 6800 rpms.  A stock GT-R depending on the dyno is around 420 hp - 390 ft-lbs. So the P800 gives you a "slightly" quicker car than stock. A 300 wheel horsepower gain is something you will probably be able to notice.


Jun 9, 2011

7:19.63 : Corvette ZR1 at Nurburgring

GT-R vs ZR1.... Since 2009

Chevrolet fires another shot across the bow of the Nissan GT-R. The last time at the track, in slightly damp conditions, Nissan improved their Nurburgring lap time to 7:24.2 from 7:27.5 putting it just under the ZR1's last time of 7:26.4.

For the latest quick time, the ZR1 was equipped with the optional Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, which as you can tell in this photo, are just about a purposed built, DOT tire. The Pilot Sport Cup tire is a very good tire, a very quick tire.  The car also has a new version of the Performance Traction Management.  Nissan is supposed to be back at the 'ring soon with a 2012(US) Nissan GT-R. Will we see a under 7:20 time?
Looks like a slick.

In the video below, you can see the ZR1 lay down the 7:19.63 time

Jun 8, 2011

Partnership with JR Motorsports Expands to FIA GT3 Project

JR Motorsports has been running a pair of GT1 class Nissan GT-R's in the FIA championship this last year. They are also the parent company of Sumo Power that ran R35's since 2010.Now Nismo has annouced that they are going to be working with them on a GT3 project.  No annoucement on the specs for the GT3, but expect 450-500 hp, and rear wheel drive. The above picture, it looks like the GT3 car is narrower than the GT1 car, closer to the street car.   Check out the press release below. When more information becomes available, it will get posted here.

NISSAN Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Minami-Ooi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. President: Shoichi Miyatani; hereafter NISMO), following its FIA GT1 World Championship project with JR Motorsports (Headquartered in Rye, East Sussex, UK. Executive Director: James Rumsey; hereafter JRM) has entered into a partnership tie-up with the firm to run its FIA GT3 project using the NISSAN GT-R.

NISMO is jointly advancing the development of the FIA GT3 specification NISSAN GT-R with JRM, with the car scheduled to make a number of test appearances in Europe and Japan during the 2011 season, ahead of the car becoming available to customer teams in 2012. JRM will be the official motorsport partner of NISMO for the project, in charge of on-going testing, development and production of the car & parts in Europe, whilst also taking care of customer sales and support throughout UK, Europe, Russia and the Middle East territories.

[ JR Motorsports Limited ]
JR Motorsports (JRM) is a British motorsports company, widely known for its successes in FIA GT1, Group N rally and production circuit racing where it is an established rally/race car manufacturer with factories in Rye, East Sussex and Daventry, Northants, UK. In addition JRM is also the parent of Sumo Power which is widely known for the sale of tuning components as well as Sumo Power GT, its FIA GT1 race team. In 2010, NISMO and JRM concluded a partnership agreement for the FIA GT1 World Championship project. JRM started the Sumo Power GT team, commencing their participation in the FIA GT1 World Championship with the NISSAN GT-R. For 2011, in addition to Sumo Power GT, the new JRM Racing team was set up as a subsidiary of the JRM Group. In Round 3 of this year's championship (in Algarve, Portugal) the team's cars won both the Qualifying and Championship races.

Source: Nismo News

Jun 7, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R Exhaust Differences

There has been a little bit of debate on how Nissan improved power from 485 hp for the 2010-2011 (480hp 2009) GT-R, to 530 hp for 2012. There is an actual change in the rear section of the exhaust, that was documented by Litchfields in the UK.

A few people have mentioned that the midpipe/y-pipe is also different.  Today, I went and took a few pictures, and measured a midpipe/y-pipe that came off a 2009 GT-R, and a 2012 GT-R.

2009 and 2012 midpipe
 Flanges are the same. ID of the piping is the same.
2012 and 2009 midpipe
 The section between the flexpipe and resonator is the same size piping.
Which do you think is which?
The rear section of the midpipe/y-pipe, behind the resonator, on the 2012 looks a little different, but the ID and OD are the same. The two midpipes are interchangeable.

Jun 6, 2011

VR38DETT Powered Dacia Duster



Most of us here in the US have no idea what a Dacia Duster is. A cleaning tool, vacuum maybe? Dacia is a Romanian automaker, and the Dacia Duster is also known as the Renault Duster.  Renault and Nissan are together, so in some crazy mashup, a VR38DETT, Nissan GT-R engine has found its way midships into this Dacia Duster.  The Duster is based on the Nissan B platform, or the base for the Nissan Cube, Nissan March, Renault Clio III, and even the Nissan Juke.

This 850 hp, sequential transmissioned version is coming to the US for the 89th Pikes Peak Hill Climb on June 26th. Dacia, the VR38, and driver Jean-Philippe Dayraut are taking on the Unlimited Class.  Below are a couple of quick videos of the car. The car sounds interesting. Almost like it’s a stroker, maybe has an odd setup for exhaust/exhaust manifolds. It doesn’t sound a lot like a GT-R. Have to check out the race to see how it does.

Toyota Supra For Sale


TWIN TURBO Conversion




Jun 3, 2011

First Cobb AccessPORT Tuned 2012 Nissan GT-R : Updated with Times

2012 GT-R on a Mustang dyno
Horsepower Logic had a chance to install and tune a Cobb AccessPORT on a 2012 Nissan GT-R.  The software is currently in ALPHA testing, and they are finalizing a few things in the tune.  The baseline numbers on the Mustang dyno came in at 475 wheel horsepower and 408 ft/lb of torque to the wheels.  After the tune, the horsepower saw an increase to 532 whp, and the torque saw a huge increase to 507 ft/lb.  The plan is to run the car at the dragstrip tonight in Florida.  We will post some updates on times when we get them.  The current guesses are around 10.7@128 mph.

Update :  First pass : 10.7 @127 with a 1.58 60'


Jun 1, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R Urethane Skid Plate

Installing skidplate on a 2012 Nissan GT-R
 The front lower lip on a Nissan GT-R is vulnerable. Along with being vulnerable, its also an expensive part to replace. Driveways, parking blocks, and just everyday driving can scrape up and damage the lip.   STILLEN has had a front skidplate for the 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R and has now made a skidplate for the redesigned 2012 Nissan GT-R.  This is the first of many new products for the 2012 GT-R, along with parts that fit on the 2009-2012 cars.

Installed skidplate on a 2012 GT-R
It’s every GT-R owners worst nightmare, scraping the front bumper on anything from driveways, dips, speedbumps, and pulling into that parking spot with the raised curb and making contact.
STILLEN has developed a urethane Skid Plate which protects the OEM fascia and paint from scrapes and light bumps. This piece is specifically molded to the GT-R’s front bumper, and installs with 3M automotive acrylic foam tape and self-tapping screws to the underside. Durable urethane construction ensures no cracking, and doesn’t require painting, although can be color matched if desired.
As with all STILLEN urethane body components, these are proudly designed and made in the USA at our Costa Mesa, California facility.

Source: STILLEN Blog

Help Japan GT-R Fund Raising Poster

Every little bit counts in helping out and fundraising.  The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan is no longer headlining news, but the cleanup, and the need for money to help cleanup and rebuild in Japan is still very real.

During last month after my first exam, I met up with a local Nissan GTR R35 owner in Toronto for a small photoshoot to create an automotive poster for my fund raising project.  The reason why I chose a Nissan GTR R35 because this is one of the best Japanese supercar available in the market.
The following shot was printed in poster size (12 x 18″), they are $10 CDN each and available through my website [http://www.shutterlit.com/redcross] and my buddy’s shop in Toronto [http://www.teknotik.com]
All sales proceeds to Red Cross Canada Relief Fund for Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami. (That means I am covering printing cost!)
Ste has donated $500 so far to the Red Cross Relief Fund.  Money going to a good cause.

Source: Shutter.lit Blog  and NAGTROC

Cobb AccessPort: Adjustable Launch Control

thistle is at it again.  Is there anything this guy can't do with the Cobb AccessPORT?  The next step is switchable launch control, via the cruise control switch.  This setup is just for the "AP006" or the AccessPORT with TCM support. edit - Joe from Cobb mentions its on the ECU side, so the AP005 and AP006 will have the ability to have adjustable launch control.

The way that it's set up it's in the ECU, so it will be part of the ECU mapping and therefor be part of both the AP-NIS-005 and AP-NIS-006.

My new work handles the staging RPM and throttle behaviour, and breaks the link between it and any VDC or TCM restrictions. Obviously it needs testing on the various types of TCM, but I think it will be good. Give us a little time to work out all the practical details, but I'm very pleased indeed with the way the RPM shoots up to just over 4000 RPM and holds
The RPM comes up quickly.  It should help out guys that do a lot of drag racing. It can take a little while for the cars to come up to a preset RPM. It also can be a little dangerous, as it might encourage some more transmission abuse.  However, if everyone is big kids, and realizes what they are doing, it could be fun.  Currently they are testing this feature, but when it becomes available, we will post more information.


May 2011 Nissan GT-R Sales

The Earthquake and Tsunami had a big impact on Japanese car production and sales.  A large number of Nissans slated for the US were destroyed at the port during the Tsunami.  In May 2011, Nissan GT-R sales were up 48% versus a year ago with 132 cars sold.  This brings the total sales for 2011 to 728 cars, or a 73% increase from 2010.

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) today reported May U.S. sales of 76,148 units versus 83,764 units a year earlier, a decrease of 9.1 percent. Nissan Division sales were down 7.8 percent for the month at 69,759 units. Sales of Infiniti vehicles decreased 21.0 percent from the prior year, to 6,389 units.

For 2011, NNA sales have increased 15.2 percent to 433,032 units. Nissan Division deliveries are up 16.4 percent, while Infiniti sales have increased 5.1 percent, calendar year to date.

Source: Nissan News

2012 Nissan GT-R LED Lights on a 2009-2011 Bumper

Chris posted up a couple pictures of a car with the 2012 LED lights integrated into the CBA GT-R bumper. In addition to the lights, they also added the extra cutouts near the top of the grill to allow more airflow to the airbox.

So what do you think, yea, or nay?

Source: illPayne Blog via NAGTROC