Nov 30, 2007

Top Gear : Nissan GT-R

"The GT-R hasn't just moved the goalposts, it's obliterated them."

"For all-round ability, I have no doubt the Nissan is the best car I have ever driven."

"The GTR turns in beautifully, whether neutral or under brakes, and grips forever - slippery surfaces seem to bring out the best in it. Time after time I left Turner (911 Turbo) behind as my four-wheel-drive system and traction control worked better out of wet corners - it wasn't just the fact that I could get on the power earlier. It was about confidence. The Nissan really is something special, and you get the impression that while a master driver could wring every last ounce of performance out of the 911, your mother could do the same in the GT-R..........................Does the Nissan's ability reduce the driving pleasure? Not at all. You can turn all the systems off if you so choose, and it's still supremely well balanced, no doubt a delight for a racing driver on a track."

Car Magazine ; First Drive 2009 Nissan GT-R

Car Magazine

"Yes, after all the hype, the teaser images, the passenger rides and interviews, we’ve finally been let loose in the Nissan GT-R, one of the most anticipated drives of the year.

And my word, it’s been worth the six-year wait. This is one of the finest, most engaging and desirable cars we have driven in ages, a car with a seemingly endless range of ground-covering abilities that elevates it way beyond the common Nissan badge. It’s automotive heaven…

Automobile Magazine - Review R35 Nissan GT-R

Automobile Magazine

Once completed, the engines are run through both a zero and full load dyno test before shipment to the Tochigi assembly plant for installation. At that plant, the GT-R rolls down the same line as the Infiniti G35 and G37 but, once finished, it is put through a unique, eight-lap shakedown by one of ten trained drivers on a test track situated next to the factory.

Toggle the transmission switch to its fastest shift-speed setting, flip to manual mode, and turn off the traction and stability control. Left foot on the brake, right foot pinning the throttle, and the engine revs rise to around 4500 rpm. Release the brake and the GT-R rockets off with a transmission shudder and a lovely four-wheel burnout. Grab the right paddle for a quick upshift at 7000 RPM and you've passed sixty mph in around 3.5 seconds according to Nissan. OK, we're not bored anymore. It was so much fun that we tried two more launches, maybe that was a bad idea. Just after the third try, a warning light labeled AWD lit up telling us, "Houston, we have problem". This light show reminded us of Tokyo at night and also brought along a load of heat radiating through the rear center console. Maybe this is why Nissan equipped the GT-R with an array of logging equipment and anti-modification software. The GT-R is the most powerful car with a dual-clutch gearbox other than the million-dollar Bugatti Veyron. We wonder if this quick-shifting transmission will prove to be the weak link when the tuner crowd cracks the code and turns the boost up to eleven on the dial. A Bill Gates style shutdown and restart brought the GT-R back to normal but we decided to be nice to the two-door rocket ship for the remainder of the flight.

All GT-Rs, whether bound for Japan or the U.S., have the same suspension tuning - which includes a comfort mode that was developed specifically for the U.S.-market. Despite this, we still reserve our final judgment on ride quality until we drive the cars on our soil next year. That initial impression still holds - the GT-R may prove to be a little too stiff in everyday driving for some buyers.

Autocar: Behind the wheel of Nissans GT-R

On paper the GT-R develops 473bhp at 6400rpm and 433lb ft at 5200rpm, and it deploys its grunt via a six-speed semi-auto gearbox that has no fewer than 12 clutch plates, and manual paddle shifters on either side of the steering wheel. In reality, and despite the not-inconsiderable 1740kg kerbweight (thank the bombproof 140kg transaxle gearbox for that) what we’re talking about is one of the fastest, most complex road cars money can buy.

As for the interior, it makes you wonder just how heavily Porsche relies on its reputation to charge as much as it does for a 911 Turbo. The GT-R is as well made if not better than the Porsche inside, has much more space front and rear, more equipment to play with (including a flat screen display that imparts info abut everything from the wind direction to the level of torque at the front axle at any given moment), and a hugely bigger luggage compartment. True, the GT-R is still only a Nissan, and the 911 Turbo is one of Porsche’s finest recent moments. But that’s still no justification for adding nigh-on £30k to the price.

Gran Turismo TV - Nissan GT-R special Nov 30

Gran Turismo TV

A featured Nissan GT-R special program will start on Gran Turismo TV from Nov. 30.

Gran Turismo TV is a free online video show that is only available for users who downloaded Gran Turismo 5 prologue on the PlayStation 3. The downloadable period of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will expire on Nov. 30.

This program is a video show for the release of the Nissan GT-R on Dec. 16. The title of the special program is “The GT-R legend inside story I”. In the first episode, viewers will see Gran Turismo 5 in development, and an actual driving test scene by Kazunori Yamauchi, the producer of the Gran Turismo series.

The content of Gran Turismo TV includes racing pictures, and car-related TV show in the world. It also includes special original content like this GT-R special program.

Read: Nissan GT-R Gran Turismo TV special

R35 GT-R Assembly Line Video

Auto Express - First Drive : Nissan GT-R

Auto Express

Even so, at low engine speeds, the GT-R isn’t as responsive as the car Nissan has benchmarked it against, Porsche’s 911 Turbo. However, once the engine revs past 3,000rpm, this is a savagely fast car. The noise is purposeful rather than inspiring, but there’s precious little turbo lag and the GT-R hurls itself from 0-60mph in just three and a half seconds.

The interior isn’t the most exciting, but it’s very solidly constructed and is likely to be well equipped when it hits the UK, priced at around £55,000. Which brings us to the bad news; it won’t be arriving here until March 2009. As the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait.

Bayside Blue R35 GT-R

A pretty interesting photoshop - link send though Youtube from Eddie in the Netherlands.

Dutch Skylines

Nov 29, 2007 2009 Nissan GT-R renderings


Click the link for full details. The rear rendering...

One year of "Live sets"

Reel Pop Blog

Yahoo threw itself a one-year-old birthday party Tuesday night in the Fox Studios' concert space where it has been shooting "Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music." True to the sponsor in the title, guests milled around a parked Nissan GT-R, enjoying cocktails that came with ice cubes encased in plastic molds glowing Yahoo's signature purple. Matchbox 20 (pictured after the jump) were kind enough to stick around to perform a midnight-ish set, just hours after taping an upcoming edition of "Nissan."

Some more R35 GT-R photochops

These came from the Freshalloy forums.

Nov 28, 2007

Sport Auto Test - 2009 Nissan GT-R at the Nurburgring

Sport Auto

Sportauto with the famous driver Horst has driven the new Skyline on N-ring.

*7:50 --- 157.787 km/h -- Nissan GT-R, 480 PS/1750 kg, Horst von Saurma, partially wet track (sport auto 12/07)*

Horst von Saurma, chief editor of sport auto magazine, completed about 100 kms with the new Nissan GT-R at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Best time he achieved was a 7:50 on a partiallly wet track especially at one of the key passages so called Kesselchen.

With all the electronic aids the handling is absolutely perfect, the driver doens´t feel how the drive-by-wire system really works as the GT-R stay on track like on rails, always has grip, doesn´t lose control, higly computerized and a perfect racer for the street. A time less than 7:40 is pretty much optimistic, 7:50 shows the true potential of the car. And when the price stays at the announced level, it is a real bargain.

Sport Auto lap time comparisons:
Ferrari F430 F1: 7:55 seconds
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano: 7:47 seconds
Porsche 997 911 Turbo : 7:54 seconds
Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06: 7:49 seconds
Ford GT:7:52 seconds
Nissan GTR: 7:50 seconds

""Also it SHOULD be noted that the 7:50 Sport Auto recently got with the GTR was a Fahrberichte. This means they they are test driving it around the ring to describe more what the car feels like and their impressions of the car. Not to set a fast lap time. The important result will come when they do their Supertest."".

Nov 27, 2007

Nissan Dealer Letter , and 2009 Nissan GT-R on ebay - planned sales 1500 units per year

Car at MSRP +Fees + Auction price

Ebay Auction - 2009 Nissan GT-R

Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec - $51500

Imported by Motorex, DOT bond released. HID headlamp, Red interior trim. US title, 26400 miles

Nissan Redesigns a Japanese Icon

Business Week

It will also be the first time the Japanese vehicle is legitimately available in the U.S., and not simply as a legally suspect import on the grey market for exotic cars. "This is a true enthusiast's car," says Mark McNabb, Nissan's senior vice-president for sales and marketing. "And it'll beat the pants off anything out there."

Legally suspect.... hey we got VCP-17 passed by the NHTSA. Motorex did crash testing. Hater...

Nov 26, 2007

Japanese R35 GT-R buyer's process

From the Rocketpunch blog -

A more official maintenance schedule has been released with the expected cost of all the maintenance items. New owners will have an option to buy the "GT-R High Performance Program" for 200,000 JPY (items included in the program are highlighted in red and ends at the 30th month of ownership).

Maintenance schedule as follows:

* 1st month of ownership:
o free multi point check
* 6th month of ownership:
o multi point check
o oil change
* 12th month of ownership:
o multi point check (50,000 JPY - from previous posts)
o yearly DOT vehicle inspection
o oil & filter change
* 18th month of ownership:
o multi point check
o oil change
* 24th month of ownership:
o multi point check
o yearly DOT vehicle inspection
o oil & filter change
* 30th month of ownership:
o multi point check
o oil change

Standard maintenance pricing:

* oil change (includes oil cooler): 18,000 JPY
* oil + filter change (includes oil cooler): 23,000 JPY
* rotor + caliper change (4 wheels): 500,000 JPY
* tire change (run flats, 4 wheels): 600,000 JPY
* oil + filter change (includes oil cooler): 23,000 J

2010 Nissan Silvia

Motor Authority
As brilliant as the new GT-R is, its premium price tag and limited availability means it will be out of reach of most sports car lovers for some time to come. Then there’s the 350Z but it too can be a bit expensive for younger fans. Sadly, Nissan’s affordable sports car, the Silvia (240SX), no longer exists. In fact, Nissan’s image of late has been skewed towards the SUV segment, but this may soon change with speculation there’s a Silvia replacement in the works.

I don't think that this car , or a replacement small sports car will be as soon as 2010 , maybe 2011, or 2012.

R35 GT-R rendering

This is an interesting, yet dark rendering of a "Top Secret" themed R35 GT-R.Some companies in Japan already have cars they are working on. December 6th customers will be receiving their cars in Japan. Here in the US , we wait until Jan 1 to pre-order , June for delivery.

Nov 25, 2007

R32 - R33 - R34 - R35 GT-R basic comparisions

R32 GT-R

R33 GT-R

R34 GT-R

R35 GT-R

Weight (lbs)





Length (in)





Width (in)





Height (in)





Nov 20, 2007

R35 GT-R exhaust sound from GT-R owners meet

Found this video from the GT-R owners meet. Lets you get to hear the exhaust sound a little better than my videos.

Nov 19, 2007

Inside Line throws a GT-R party..


This past Saturday Edmunds' Inside Line and Nissan teamed up to throw a GT-R party. If you were there you got to hear and touch the year's most anticipated car. If you missed it, well, you'll just have to wait and read all about it on Inside Line. We shot so many photos and so much video you'll get to feel like you were there even if you weren't.

R35 Nissan GT-R to be sold though certified dealers only

Potential buyers for the eagerly awaited 2009 Nissan GT-R won't be able to pop into just any Nissan dealership to buy one. The 1,500 annual GT-Rs allotted to the U.S. market will only be sold through GT-R-certified dealers.

Don't believe the 1500 cars number. I think they will sell more cars than this . January 1st is when the dealers can start taking orders on cars for June 2008 delivery.

Anything before then , is not real.

Nov 15, 2007

Advance orders for Nissan GT-R in Japan

"In less than two months since pre-orders were accepted for the all-new Nissan GT-R in Japan, orders have already reached 2,282, exceeding by a factor of 11 the planned monthly sales total," Nissan said in a statement.

I know a few of theses are going overseas.