Consult III - Nissan Diagnostic Scan Tool

Consult III - Nissan Diagnostic Scan Tool

CONSULT-III is the new generation diagnostic system for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. It is powerful, flexible and easy to use and will transform your ability to provide rapid, accurate service diagnostics for today's sophisticated Nissan and Infiniti models and future products – good news for both you and your customers.
CONSULT-III is a laptop-based diagnostic system using a Microsoft® Windows® based user interface. It has a new Hardware platform – laptop PC - and a new Application for diagnostic work.

Panasonic® Toughbook® laptop:
• 10.5 inch Anti-Reflective TFT - Touch Screen
• Converts from laptop to tablet format
• Internal 10/100 LAN & 56kbps Modem
• Bluetooth built-in
• Wireless (1EEE 802.11b/g)
• Secure Digital (SD) Card Slot
• Supplied with external DVD/CD drive
• Li-Ion 7.4V, 7.65amp Battery
• Microsoft Windows XP S.P.2

Toughbook® Accessories (all included)
• Cigarette Lighter Adapter
• External DVD Drive
• AC Adapter and Cord
• USB Joint Cable
• Tethered Stylus
• Holding Strap
• Soft Cloth

Vehicle Interface (VI) Deluxe Kit
• VI Unit - wireless communication between vehicle and laptop terminal 
• DLC1 Cable with Adapter
• Self-Test Adapter
• USB Cable
• Remote Trigger Switch
• AC Adapter
• Color Rings
• 3-year Warranty

Measurement Interface (MI) Deluxe Kit
• MI Unit – wireless communication between measurement tools and laptop terminal
• MI Battery
• Synchronization Cable
• USB Cable
• Probe Set
• AC/DC Adapter
• Holding strap and hook 
• 3-year Warranty

Security Card & Adapter
For unlocking specific Nissan service functions.

Type A card for approved locations only.
Type B card for all other locations

Note: Must be ordered as a separate item. Will ship separately from J-47446 

Carrying Case
Sturdy case specially designed to hold all of the CONSULT-III components
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