Sep 30, 2012

New European 1/4 Mile Record. 8.93@168.5

Severn Valley Motorsport set a new European record in the 1/4 mile this weekend. A 8.93@ 168.5 mph pass shows the car is making big power.  Best 1/4 mile time for an R35 GT-R so far is an 8.63@173.8 mph pass by AMS, so these guys are moving nicely.  Congratulations to the guys.

Sep 29, 2012

6.63 @ 211 MPH Nissan GT-R from Godzilla Motorsports

The blog isn't cooperating completely, so instead of adding to the post from a few days ago, I will post these couple videos by themselves.

One interesting thing I did find out from the YouTube comments, besides don't read YouTube comments, is that the engine is a RB26 head, RD28 block, and 3.2 liter stroker kit.  About six years ago I bought an RD28. I thought it was interesting. Diesel engines are almost always the strongest of the line. The oil drain was in the center of the block, and I had a couple of RB30's so I never really got that far into it.  Might have to have another look at that lump, or just ignore it for another six years. Probably the later.

Godzilla Motorsports posted a picture on Facebook of a VR38DETT that they just got in. More displacement = more power. They should be able to make even better power, and go even quicker with the V-6 vs the inline 6.

Watch the 6.63 @ 211mph video and a short dyno video after the break.

Sep 28, 2012

DSPORT Magazine Tech Tips : Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, and Intake

In order to make horsepower you need fuel and air. In this tech tip installment from DSPORT Magazine, they take their Project 2012 Nissan GT-R, and add a few parts to help meter air and fuel flow.

In looking at the datalogs, the Cobb AccessPort reported a 97- to 98-percent injector duty cycle. In reality, this equates to the injectors being at 100-percent duty cycle as the injector doesn’t have any time to close when duty cycles exceed 90 percent. Despite running at a 50psi base fuel pressure (that increases the effective flow to 620 cc/min), the factory 570 cc/min injectors simply lack the flow capacity to support over 600 flywheel horsepower at the richer air-fuel ratios required on pump gas.
In real life, we want to keep the fuel injectors at about a maximum of about 80% duty cycle. This gives the fuel injectors time to open, and close between cycles.  DSPORT had their stock fuel injectors(570cc) altered to flow like 900cc injectors. This should give them plenty of headroom(about 900 hp) for the next batch of upgrades.

 In addition to the fuel injectors, they also upgraded the stock fuel pumps. The R35 has a twin fuel pump setup. One pump was tested by RC Engineering to flow 130 lph(liters per hour), and the other 140 lph. Even though this should be enough fuel flow for 700 whp, they upgraded the fuel pumps to twin 195 lph from HKS.

The last piece of the fuel and airflow puzzle are the intakes and mass air flow sensors. Above about 600 whp, the stock air flow sensors are maxed out. With the Gotboost 3.0 intakes, they should be able to meter air out to about 850 whp.

Head over to DSPORT for more information on their Project R35.

Sep 27, 2012

SV Engineering Nissan Juke-R - 700 Horsepower on Nurburgring

This is not one of the official Nissan Juke-R's, but it looks like it works. The fender flare, and tire package leaves a little to be desired, but to each their own. In the video, we get to see the car?suv?crossover thing attacking Nurburgring.  Sounds decent, and looks like it goes fairly well too.
During the GranTurismo Events on the Nurburgring, I recorded this Nissan Juke-R with R35 GT-R engine. It's not the official Juke-R, but a personal project by Shpilli Villi Engineering. 

The Russian-based company called Shpilli Villi engineering went creative in turning this crossover into a special one-off that could not be found elsewhere. By putting it under the knife for a heart transplant, they took off the original 1.6-liter to make way for the tuned GT-R engine strapped with HKS turbos that has an output of 700+ horsepower. It is said that if fed with 109 Octane gas, they could get this Juke-R running on 800-horsepower! The results are astonishing!

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Top Speed Motorsports GT-R: 60-130 MPH in 3.74 seconds

Fun video for a Thursday, that was just posted by Top Speed Motorsports on their Facebook page. A 1259 wheel horsepower Nissan GT-R showing its stuff on camera.

TopSpeed Motorsports built Nissan GT-R runs a 3.74 Second 60-130 time on street tires! ETS Turbo kit, TSM 4.0 Ltr Sleeved Engine, ShepTrans ProMax, TSM Head Package, Kelford Cams. The car makes 1259 WHP @ 35 PSI of boost!
Check out the video after the break.

Sep 22, 2012

Six Second R35 Nissan GT-R Drag Car with Videos

Marc Jacobsen has ran his RB powered R35 drag car deep into the 6 second range at the latest Jamboree drag event in Australia. Running quicker and quicker with each pass, he is getting close to the 6.5 mark.  At over 209 mph in the quarter mile, this is the quickest RB powered car in the world. The rumors say the car is a 3.2 liter stroker in a RB30 powered block, with an RB26 head. Check out the videos below.

"Massive day at jambo . 6.74 at 206 mph , 6.78 at 206mph final qual 6.641 at 209.88 mph to be third qualifier .
Huge thanks to my crew and sponsors . Bring on the 6.5 :)"

Sep 11, 2012

Tuned Drives the 1,100 Horsepower Ultimate Street Edition Nissan GT-R

1,100 horsepower, just like every other car you have driven this week.  Who needs 1,100 horsepower on the street?  Someone may not "need" it, but have it, want it, and have the means to do it.  Switzer Performance is brining some of these Ultimate Street Edition Nissan GT-R's to the select few.  

It wasn't long ago that driving a 1000+ horsepower car came with many sacrifices. These were race or show cars, not to be used daily. Enter the Switzer "Ultimate Street" GTR. On pump gas, it makes 1,000 horsepower with virtually no downside. On race gas, it makes 1,100 horsepower. And the owner of this particular GTR uses it as his daily driver to commute to work. Is 1,100 horsepower enough to get to the office? We'll find out.
**Update** 0-60: 2.5s, 1/4 Mile: 9.4 @ 150, Standing Mile 208 mph.

Check out the Matt Farah from Tuned video review after the break.