Oct 14, 2014

Alpha Omega Resets GT-R ¼ Mile Record: 7.70@186mph

The AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R resets the GT-R record with a 7.70@186 mph pass. They have gone as fast as 190 mph in the quarter, so there is still some more in it. Check out the video below.

On the heels of our win at the Texas Speed Syndicate (TSS) Texas Invitational (TI) event, we decided to make the most of our 1,000+ mile trip to Texas. The tracks in Chicago had already starting degrading with the cooler weather. The opportunity to run at a well prepped track in Texas might be the last chance we would get to turn Omega loose. 

GT-R Open House at DSport Magazine

DSport Magazine had an open house at their facility October 12th. Great gathering of Nissan Skyline GT-R,'s, and Nissan GT-R's. It is always good to see everyone. The DSport R33 laid it down on the dyno putting 1156 horsepower to the ground. Their current setup is a 2.6, with twin RX-6 turbos, at 40 psi on E85 fuel.  Check out the video. 


Roy loves coming out to these events. Thanks for attending. 

DSport R33 engine bay

Roy and his best buddy Paul

Switzer P800 GT-R on the dyno

Oct 8, 2014

September 2014 Nissan GT-R Sales : Up 109%

NISMO R35 GT-R. Just arriving to the US now. 
September 2014 saw a good month for the Nissan GT-R with 159 units sold, bringing the year to date total to 1018 units. That is a 109% increase vs September 2013.  The all electric LEAF sales were strong with 2881 units, 21,882 year to date, up 35% vs 2013. Juke slipped big time, with a 34% decrease vs 2013, but Versa and Sentra both had bigger increases. The 370Z was down slightly for the month, still up 16% year to year.

Check out the full chart below.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan Group today announced total U.S. sales for September 2014 of 102,955 units, an increase of 18.5 percent over the prior year and a September record.
Nissan highlights:
  • Nissan Division set a September record with 95,118 sales in the month, a year-over-year increase of 22.2 percent. This marks a monthly sales record for Nissan in 18 of the last 19 months.
  • Rogue sales remained brisk, setting a September record at 17,229, an increase of 51.8 percent.
  • Nissan LEAF set a September record with 2,881 sales, an increase of 47.5 percent.
  • Versa subcompact sales increased 37.6 percent to 12,072, also setting a September record.
  • Sentra sales totaled 12,557 in September, up 61 percent.
  • Altima finished with 21,675 sales in the month, an increase of 2.1 percent.
  • Sales of the Frontier pickup increased 47 percent to 6,853.
  • Murano crossover sales were up 50.4 percent as the company prepares for the launch of the all-new 2015 model, which goes into production late this month at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi assembly plant.
*Infiniti sales total included for reference. For more information on Infiniti’s September sales performance, please visit InfinitiNews.com.
NOTE: To ensure consistency in global sales reporting, Nissan calculates monthly variances on a straight-percentage basis, unadjusted for the number of selling days. September 2014 had 24 selling days, while September 2013 had 23 selling days.

Oct 7, 2014

AMS GT-R Takes Down THREE 2,000hp Lambo's Video

Should we say its the little V-6 that could? I don't think a 3.8 liter 2,000 hp VR38DETT would be considered "small".

The 2,000hp Alpha Omega GT-R piloted by Ivan Phipps claims the overall King of the Streets Texas Invitational Title and becomes one of the most deserving cars of the "Lambo Killer" title people like to throw around after these races.

Taking down some of the FASTEST cars in the "street car / street" roll racing world as they climbed the brackets of a 42 car roll race including 2000hp Heffner & UGR Twin Turbo Lambo's, 1500-1600hp Twin Turbo Vipers and an 1100hp Supra!

Check out this 1320 Video from the Texas Invitational Roll Race. AMS's Alpha Omega GT-R had everyone covered.  I don't think the GT-R vs Twin Turbo Lambo race is over. I feel the Lambos come back with 2500 horsepower next year.

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