Apr 22, 2007

2009 GT-R trim levels and prices

From AutoExpress : AutoExpress

The base model GT-R is supposed to come in at around $57,000US. The base model having " 4 piston Brembo brakes, and a six speed manual gearbox". It has been rumored though that Akebono would be supplying the next GT-R brakes.

The next grade up would probably be the Vspec with "6 piston Brembo brakes , and a dual clutch, two pedal seven speed DSG box" priced around $69,000.

Top of the line GT-R with carbon fiber parts to reduce weight will supposedly cost around $99,000. Top of the line car sounding like the N1 cars of old.

Apr 20, 2007

2009 GT-R interior shot

Edmunds.com posted a couple of pictures of the interior of the Nissan GT-R prototype.

Its about six months before the car debuts at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show.