Jun 30, 2012

Special Pricing on AP Racing Slotted Rotors for Nissan GT-R

Take advantage of special pricing on slotted AP Racing curved vane rotors replacements for Nissan GT-R.  For a limited time, the price per set of two slotted rotors front or rear is $1099. 

Quickly responding to customer demand, STILLEN is now offering AP Racing upgraded discs that mount straight onto the OE brake hats. These discs have been track proven (Nürburgring, Silverstone and more) on GT-R’s in extreme conditions by professional drivers. They not only lasted much longer without cracking, several drivers reported improved brake pedal feel and easier pedal modulation. The best thing is that these upgraded discs cost even less than standard factory replacements.

Click HERE for a video explaining the benefits of these rotors.

Jun 27, 2012

Moscow 500+ : AMS GT-R 23.87 for the Standing Mile

GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ - 1 mile - 23.87 seconds.

The Russians are back at it again for the Moscow Unlimited 500+ standing mile events. In these few videos, we see a couple of GT-R's go under 24 seconds.

Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ - 1.250 whp, boost - 33 psi.

Moscow Unlim 500+ - 23.06.2012
1\4 mile - 9.873 sec.\ 249.65 kmh
1 mile - 23.928 sec.\ 360.00 kmh
Race Fuel - VP C16
Temperature - +24C
Dragtimes.ru - result car
Tires - Toyo R888 R20

Jun 23, 2012

Car Cast With Adam Carolla : Nissan GT-R

Adam Carolla is a big Datsun fan, even racing a couple of versions. He is a car guy, in this podcast, he explains why he doesn't own a GT-R. I can't say that I have ever listened to a podcast, but I might give this one a listen.  I'm in the car for a couple or four hours tomorrow, on my way to Buttonwillow for the NASA event with the Scion FR-S.
2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. Red, its faster

Adam can’t complain about the 1964 Triumph TR4A? Oh, really? Thoughts on the new Dodge Dart, BRZs, WRX STIs and why Adam doesn’t own a GT-R. And Adam hacks up almond bits on air and we leave it in the show. And speaking of GT-Rs, Matt gets his foot into one while Adam is out of town.

Source: Adam Carolla.com 

Nissan GT-R Brake Upgrades and Information

STILLEN/AP Racing CCM-X Testing
The Nissan GT-R is advertised as the supercar for anywhere, anytime, and anyoneReleased in 2007 in Japan, and in 2008 as a 2009 model for the US, the GT-R is a very fast, car with a relatively low cost to performance. To meet their goals, Nissan had to make some compromises. An area of compromise, that doesn't really become evident until you run the car hard,are the materials that Nissan used for the brake rotors.

If your disks look like this, its time to stop and replace them.
If you daily drive your GT-R, your rotors will probably never look like this. You will wonder what all the hubbub is about, everything is fine for you.  However, if you take your car to a track day, and are quick enough, then they will crack.

The disks to the left are also heat checked. The small scalely looking surface texture is the heat checking. This is not a problem, and generally only visible up close.

This is dangerous, don't drive like this.

Lots of cracks in this disk

Brake Pads
 There is not a magic brake pad that does everything well for everyone.  There is an old adage for cars and speed that goes something like fast, cheap, and reliable, pick two.  In the case of brake pads its dust, noise, and heat handling. Generally the better they stop, the higher the coefficient of friction, the more dust and noise they throw.  The less dust and noise, the lower the coefficient of friction, and the less heat they can handle.

A constant question that we get is: "Whats the best brake pad?".

The best brake pad is different things to different people.  The kinds of questions that need to be answered are:

1) Is this a street car?
2) What brake pads do you have on the car now?
3) Do you go to the track?
4) If you go to the track how many times a year?
5) Have you experienced brake fade?

Jun 22, 2012

AMS Alpha 12 GT-R Featured on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg got a chance to drive one of AMS's Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R's on a two mile runway. AMS has had some really good press for their Alpha 12 over the last few days. During this piece they take the car out to 214 mph in 24 seconds. Not too bad for a "Nissan", overgrown Sentra...


2013 Nissan GT-R Experience at Monticello Videos

Nissan held three events this year for Nissan GT-R owners, press, and prospective owners. The first was in Florida, then California, and the last event was in New York.  These videos are from the last event in NY.


Jun 21, 2012

Autoblog Drives the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R

AMS Alpha 12

AMS builds some mighty fast cars.  Evo's, GT-R's, and...well honestly I don't really care about much more than GT-R's.  Autoblog had a chance to drive one of these 1200+ horsepower beasts on the streets of Los Angeles.  Lots of car with not a lot of area to go.
4.0 liter AMS tuned Nissan GT-R engine

By the time my foot had traveled three quarters to the floor the two turbochargers had spooled up like twin GE90s at full take-off power. Responding much like those huge turbines, which need a bit of time to get their significant mass moving, there was a slight delay. Then the thrust hit like being rear-ended by a freight train. In a split second, all four wheels broke free on the loose pavement and the chassis twitched alarmingly to one side as it was launched forward on the bow wave of the angry roar bellowing from the tailpipes.

My camera car, which had been running parallel to us for the past couple miles, appeared in the rearview mirror for a brief moment and then became a blur. Caught off guard by the power, and more than a bit terrorized, I missed the manual shift and the engine hit redline. The unburned fuel quickly exploded like twin howitzers out the back end of the muffler – the accompanying flames and black smoke were the embarrassing icing on the cake.

Ivan, being a true gentleman in the passenger seat, laughed and shook his head. "That wasn't floored," he quipped.
Head over to the Autoblog post for the full impressions, and a ton more pictures. I think this impression is the first of several to come. I remember seeing a blog post from the guys at Motor Trend.  Hopefully the car did some rounds, and has some real world magazine numbers to attach to it.

Source: Autoblog

Jun 18, 2012

For Just $100,000, The Nissan GT-R Is The Ultimate Bargain Supercar

Business Insider was one of the media outlets that was invited to the North East 2013 Nissan GT-R experience. So far there have been events in Florida, California, and now New York. Head over to the article and some pictures from the event. The journalist gives a few impressions of the car, plus the 2012 vs the 2013 car on track.

However, if you want a car that can outperform vehicles that cost three times as much and make nearly any driver look like a superhero, teh GT-R is for you.
Sure, it may not look as dramatic as a Lamborghini or have the interior of a Ferrari, but does that matter when you can obliterate both of them on a race track?
I don't think so
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/test-drive-nissan-gt-r-2012-6?op=1#ixzz1yB5D93bM

Jun 13, 2012

Import Tuner Magazine Evo vs STI vs GT-R : AWD Shootout

Evo vs STI vs GT-R

Import Tuner Magazine takes the big three Japanese performance all wheel drive cars, and pits them head to head in a 10 car, knock down drag out fight at Buttonwillow 13CW.  Rather than just do the same Evo vs STI challenge they have done the last few years, this time they decided to throw the Godzilla in the room into the mix.

Aside from the typical STI versus EVO shootout you’ve witnessed over the years, the Mitsubishi camp has been dominant, winning three out of the last four events and hardly been challenged by their boxer-powered rivals. This event marked the fifth consecutive year of competition but before the green flag droped, we made some dramatic changes to the event that would take an interesting turn. To bring back the event’s competitiveness, we threw a monkey wrench into the works and introduced Nissan GT-Rs as the newest competitors to join the epic battle. That’s right. We pitted Nissan GT-Rs against AWD Mitsubishi EVOs and Subaru STIs to see which vehicle was the performance king.
Read more: http://www.importtuner.com/features/impp_1206_mitsubishi_evo_subaru_sti_nissan_gtr/viewall.html#ixzz1xikmtoio

Ricky 2 wheelin it in his P800 Nissan GT-R
After a long day’s event of grueling racing the final numbers were tabulated and the awards handed out. Taking home both the day’s fastest lap and Five-Lap Battle category honors was ACG’s 625 hp, satin gray ’09 R35 GT-R with a best time of 1:58.003 seconds. Yamada took Second Place honors in the fastest one-lap session with a 1:58.522 in the Fuji Auto ’00 R34 GT-R V-Spec. Team Mitsubishi stood toe to toe with the GT-R family as the camp’s top contender was Michael Chang who recorded a 1:58.891 lap time in the Kontrabrands/Evasive Motorsports ’06 EVO IX SE, which ended up rounding out the top three positions. 
Read more: http://www.importtuner.com/features/impp_1206_mitsubishi_evo_subaru_sti_nissan_gtr/viewall.html#ixzz1xilsZ6XB

The winning car had a Switzer P800 kit installed by ACG. Head over to Import Tuner for the entire article and pictures.

Jun 11, 2012

900hp Nissan GT-R vs 800hp Porsche 996 Turbo

GT-R vs Porsche at Willow Springs. Shift S3ctor Event
900hp GT-R with AAM GT-900R turbos, built motor/trans, C16 fuel tuned by Jon Drenas
800hp 996 Turbo with bigger turbos, built motor, weight reduction, etc. work done by BBi autosport in huntington beach, california
The GT-R tune is different from the one seen in my video against the Switzer E900 GT-R for what it's worth.
I might know a thing or two about this GT-R. Put together at STILLEN, with help from a number of vendors.  Click though for the video.

Shift-S3ctor brings enthusiasts the triple threat of track days. Road Course, Side by Side/Drag, and Drift are the three events focused on and put into action. Shift-S3ctor events can include one, two, or all three of these performance disciplines. Shift-S3ctor is the first to bring side-by-side roll runs into a designated event. Finally, bench racing can leave youtube comments and forum disputes in a sanctioned, enthusiast-run event that safely compares horsepower to horsepower. Cars range from 100 horsepower to 1200 horsepower to really include something everyone can relate to or drool over.

Each event will contain loads of pictures and videos that will be uploaded after every event at www.shift-s3ctor.com 

Long Beach Grand Prix 2012 Video

A video from the Long Beach Grand Prix.  Three days of fun in the sun. Or actually Friday was pretty stormy for the LBC. World Challenge, ALMS, Indycar, and the lifestyle expo.

View this entire album: Long Beach Grand Prix 2012 Sunday

Jun 10, 2012

Emergency Hookers Towing : You Blow it...I'll Tow It

(626) 524-2011 
Did a quick video for my friend Victor at Emergency Hookers Towing. If you need any specialty towing, and someone else can't tow it, he can.  This was shot during the Long Beach Grand Prix week this year. ALMS car from the paddock out to 2nd Street.

Jun 9, 2012

2012 and 2013 Nissan GT-R Upgrade Parts. Skidplate, Brake Rotors, Exhaust

2013 Nissan GT-R Super Silver Black EditionIf you own a 2013 Nissan GT-R, and are looking for some parts to upgrade the performance, looks, and braking, STILLEN has a number of parts available. Everything from the AP Racing 390 mm x 34 mm 72 vane iron rotors, to the AP Racing Carbon Ceramic Brake rotor set,  a no drill license plate bracket, exhaust, and a skidplate to help protect your front lip.

Fitted to a 2009 GT-R, also fits 2013
More than 1/2 the US has requirements to place a front and rear license plate on your vehicle. For some cars, like the Nissan GT-R, that means drilling holes into your front bumper. Many owners want to comply with the law, but don't like the conventional mounting method.

STILLEN has been producing tow hook license plate brackets for several years now. The tow hook is located in the front bumper area, and allows for easy removal in case you have to use the tow hook.

OEM 2009 Midpipe and 2012 Midpipe

The Nissan GT-R is a quiet car, even with 545 horsepower. It has two turbos, followed by two catalytic converters in the downpipes, then the midpipe has two catalytic converters, and a resonator in it. From the midpipe the exhaust travels to the back of the car, where there are two mufflers that lead to the four exhaust tips. 



Jun 7, 2012

Usain Bolt, Nissan GT-R, Nissan Global Brand Campaign

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world has teamed up with Nissan on a new campaign. I remember reading a while back that Usain had a BMW M3 that he had rolled in his native country. This lead him to buying a Nissan GT-R.  It seems like the Nissan GT-R has done him much better.

Nissan partners with Usain Bolt, Olympic and world record holder and world's fastest man, to launch a new global brand campaign. In this video, the world's fastest man meets the world's unrivaled supercar, the Nissan GT-R.
Check out the videos below

Motor Trend: 2013 Nissan GT-R Long-Term Update 2

2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Motor Trend updates us with their long term Nissan GT-R. It seems the GT-R has been attracting attention of the "I wanna race ya" type.

This is what I get for picking the GT-R as my ride for the year. Daily challenges from people I Do. Not. Know. The most baffling are gauntlets thrown in rush hour traffic. 

Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/oneyear/coupe/1205_2013_nissan_gt_r_update_2/#ixzz1x9Kj1D52

Jun 6, 2012

Top Speed Motorsports GT-R at VIR Video

Top Speed Motorsports has topped the chart at the One Lap of America for the last three years running. The last two in a Nissan GT-R. In this video Leh Keen takes the TSM GT-R around VIR, and throws down an incredible number.  Check out the video after the break.

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 22

Pages 42 and 43 from the Nissan GT-R history. The last Nissan GT-R was produced in 1973.  Though the 70's and most of the 80's the Skyline was more of a luxury car than a competitive race car. The plan's were put into place, for a dominating Skyline, that would eventually become the R32 GT-R

Jun 3, 2012

May 2012 Nissan GTR Sales

Its that time again. May sales are out, 135 Nissan GT-R's were sold in May 2012 vs 132 in May 2011. Total Year to Date was 479.  Other notables in Nissan's lineup, 903 Z's were sold, up 6.6% vs the year before.  LEAF fell 55.3% to 510 units vs 1142 April 2011. Total for the year on LEAF's was 2613 units.

In case you ever wonder what really sells. In case you wonder what people really buy. 22,690 Nissan Altimas, down from 25,525 in April 2011. However the total for the year is 135,289 up 20.5% vs 2011.  135 GT-R's this month, 135,000 Altimas so far this year.

Total Nissan GT-R Sales in the US (as of May 2012)
Sales are not broken down by model year, but by calendar year.
2008 - 1730
2009 - 1534
2010 - 877
2011 - 1294
2012 - 479

Check out the Press Release Below.