Aug 28, 2012

Nissan GT-R Boostlogic Godzilla vs AMS Alpha 12+

The Russian guys at Dragtimes are having fun with their Alpha 12+ Nissan GT-R from AMS.  Maybe too much fun?  Not only do they run the standing mile in the car, take on all kinds of everything, from bikes to Bugattis, in this video on a highway, they run to 320+ km/hr over and over.

Check out the video after the break.

Aug 27, 2012

Next Gen Nissan GT-R Rumored for 2018

Extra slots for cooling? I'll call it da Smurf. 
Inside Line's correspondent, Sam Mitani, is reporting that the next generation Nissan GT-R is due in 2018.  Recently they had reported that no new GT-R was in the pipeline.  In the story they mention that we should expect a refresh on the GT-R for 2014, a second generation car in 2018.

The Smurf, or car rendering above might be an indication of the refresh for 2014 in the US. They are also expecting some powerplant upgrades. Sam has a pretty good line on whats going on at Nissan, so you can bank on the info.

Originally, the second generation of the GT-R was scheduled to arrive in 2015. Part of the reason for the delay is that the chief engineer and product specialist of the GT-R, Kazutoshi Mizuno had left the company. We now know that Mizuno took a leave of absence because of health problems, but has since returned to the company. He is again at the helm of the GT-R's development team, and was involved with the GT-R's recent class-winning effort at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

Source: Inside Line

Motor Trend: Worlds Greatest Drag Race 2

Motor Trend ran what they billed as the Worlds Greatest Drag Race last year for the "Best Drivers Car" shootout.  Last year the 2012 Nissan GT-R won, beating lots of heavy machinery. This year similar cars, a 2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition, but the addition of two very heavy hitters.  McLaren MP4-12C,and the Lamborghini Aventador. Does the GT-R have what it takes to beat these two very quick cars?

We have the Lamborghini Aventador, Nissan GT-R Black Edition, Ford Shelby GT500, McLaren MP4-12C, Jaguar XKR-S, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Subaru BRZ, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 -- all gathered together on an abandoned airstrip at El Toro Marine Base to find out which car is the fastest. Obviously these nine competitors display a wide range of power and performance, not to mention price tags. So why are we lining them all up again for one gigantic, over-the-top drag race? It's simple... Because We Can!
Check out the worlds greatest drag race 2 below.

Aug 25, 2012

Switzer Tuned Red Katana Nissan GT-R Goes Eights

Red Katana Nissan GT-R : 8.97@163mph

Switzer Performance put its first Nissan GT-R into the 8's last weekend. The R1KX did a best pass of 8.97@163 mph at Norwalk Raceway.  Not only is this a "full weight" GT-R, it actually has a fully customized interior featuring leather and alcantra that puts this GT-R about 300 lbs heavier than a stock car.

 Its owner calls it “the Red Katana”, and it’s one of the first R1KX model Switzer GTRs to hit the drag strip  Last weekend at Norwalk, Ohio’s Summit Motorsports Park, the freshly-completed “Katana” ran an 8.97 1/4 mile at over 163 miles per hour … and that, dear friends, is quick!

The short story on this car is that it’s a fully-customized GTR, featuring a quilted leather-lined interior that’s been decked out in high-quality carbon fiber and alcantara, making the inside of this GTR as nice a place to be as any Porsche or Ferrari. : all those high-end luxury bits actually ADD weight to the car, and this particular GTR weighed in almost exactly 300 lbs. heavier than it was in factory trim.

More pictures, and hopefully some videos of this fully custom 1500+ horsepower beast are coming soon.  Check out the video of a 9.0@161 mph pass below.

Source: Switzer News

Aug 22, 2012

Nissan Juke-R vs. Porsche 911 GT2 RS - CAR and DRIVER

Nissan Juke R

In this unlikely comparison, Car and Driver Magazine pits the very limited edition Nissan Juke-R vs the Porsche GT2 RS.  All wheel drive vs rear wheel drive.  V6 twin turbo vs flat 6 twin turbo.  Watch the video below to get the full scoop.

Aug 21, 2012

Motor Trend Magazine - Best Drivers Car 2012

Motor Trend Magazine has been putting on their Best Drivers Car contest for the last several years.  This year the lineup includes nine cars, competing for the top spot at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca .  The Nissan GT-R has finished second in the contest in the two years it competed. This year a 2013 Black Edition GT-R with its carbon fiber rear wing, and 545 horsepower goes against the other contenders.  The Best Drivers Car 2012 will be announced on Thursday, August 23rd by Motor Trend.

The 2012 competition marks the third Best Driver's Car appearance for the Nissan GT-R. In each of its two prior appearances, Godzilla came up just short and has two silver medals on its mantel. 

Read more:
Check out the video introduction for the 2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition below.

Aug 13, 2012

Nissan Hints at RS - Special Edition Nissan GT-R

Nismo Juke
According to several sources, Nissan is planning on making "RS" versions of several of its most popular models. Nissan has already tried a few "special" editions of the Nissan GT-R, the Egoist, Black Edition, and the SpecV.  MotorAuthority elaborated on an Auto Express interview with Andy Palmer, the Executive Vice President of Product Planning at Nissan.  How exactly this fits in with Nissans in house tuner/racing brand - NISMO remains to be seen.  NISMO is Nissan Motorsports, but there are also several versions of vehicles that are sold, the 350Z, 370Z, and Frontier that use the NISMO name.

“Try to think of the Nismo brand as an affordable alternative to Mercedes’ AMG division,” Palmer exclusively told us. “Normal Nismo versions will get a power hike of around 15 per cent, but the focus will be more on distinctive styling with the red highlights. We’ll also tune the suspension and steering, so customers can get more out of the power they have.”

Nismo GT3 Nissan GT-R
The first cars to get this RS treatment are expected to be the Juke, the LEAF, expected to be followed by the 370Z, and GT-R.

Palmer also hinted that the GT-R and 370Z would get the RS treatment, but we’d have to wait until the next-generation 370Z appears in 2014 for that.
Palmer says to expect the RS versions to be much more track focused, with the Juke-R referenced as a starting point.  The Juke-R is a pretty radical vehicle, so its not something I would expect to be a starting point.  Perhaps he meant the NISMO Juke as a starting point ?

 Source: Motor Authority and Auto Express

Aug 9, 2012

Wallace Spearmon vs Usain Bolt : 402.3 meters

Olympic runners, on a Nissan GT-R blog?  Whats this.  Turns out Wallace Spearmon, and Usain Bolt both have Nissan GT-R's. Not only do they run fast, they like to have fast cars.

Wallace Spearmon is confident he can beat Usain Bolt in a race. Of course, he is talking about an auto race.
"We both have the same car, a Nissan GTR," Spearmon said after Tuesday's 200-meter heats. "I kind of told Bolt about it and he went out and bought one and now he has a sponsorship deal with them. Lord knows what will happen to his car after a while, but my car is faster right now."
Will Spearmon get a Nissan sponsorship deal, too? "I highly doubt it," he said. "Unless I win a gold ... and break some records."
Or beat Bolt. The odds are against Spearmon, but the American sprinter said he likes his chances out of the car and on the track. "I just feel good. I feel confident. ... It should be interesting."

Check out Wallace's GT-R on the strip.  This car here is black, the one above putting around 1000 whp to the ground is silver. Two cars, a wrap, or maybe he decided that he wanted a change.   The time - 10.7 is ok, but the mph is pretty big - 134 mph. I think if they meet at the drag strip, Wallace probably has Usain covered.

Source: ESPN and Youtube

AMS Intercooler for 900+ Horsepower GT-R's

If your Nissan GT-R makes in excess of 900 horsepower, then AMS has a new intercooler for you. This is same intercooler design that AMS uses in their 8 second Nissan GT-R's. This 4.5" thick core intercooler with 3" inlets and outlets provides 92.5% more air volume than a stock intercooler.

We designed the Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler to be the best-performing, most efficient GT-R intercooler on the market. It certainly had to be in order to meet the requirements of our stable of World Record setting, 8 second Alpha GT-R's!  If your GT-R produces in excess of 900 horsepower or if you drive in a hot weather climate, the Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler is your best option for producing power safely and efficiently.  After testing, re-testing and a host of refinements, this race-proven design is perfected and now available for your Nissan GT-R.

Exclusive Benefits

Provides 92.5% more air volume than stock
Thick 4.5” deep core
Vertical flow and twice the fin density than most aftermarket cores for superior cooling
3” billet CNC inlet and outlet ports for improved strength and air flow
Durable 4-ply silicone couplers and Murray Turbo Seal Clamps to withstand extreme pressure
Shroud and bridge plates to channel air into the intercooler
Fits without trimming factory crash beam and bumper cover
Pressure tested to 50psi
High quality aluminum TIG-welded construction
Available with or without AMS logo
Kit Includes

Front Mount Intercooler
4-Ply silicone couplers
Murray Turbo Seal hose clamps
Shroud and bridge plates
Mounting brackets
Fasteners and mounting hardware
Horn relocation brackets

22”x14”x4.5” core dimension
Cast & sheet metal aluminum
Fits without trimming factory crash beam and bumper cover
Requires minimal trimming of plastic OEM shroud
Works with Alpha GT-R piping or any aftermarket 3" intercooler piping following stock routing

2009 and newer Nissan R35 GT-R
900+ horsepower GT-Rs
Hot climates

Source: AMS Blog

Updated : Switzer P600 Nissan GT-R Package

Switzer has been delivering their base P600 package to customers over the last few years. In this latest updated version of their popular P600 package, Switzer is putting together a balanced package of parts to pump the Nissan GT-R to 600 horsepower.  The P600 includes a stainless steel exhaust, lightweight wheels, drop in filters, and engine and transmission management software, all backed by a 2 year warranty.

Switzer Performance
Oberlin, OH – 09AUG2012 – Switzer's P600 is the Super-GTR Nissan Could Have Built
Since introducing the car to the US as a 2009 model, Nissan has been steadily improving the R35 GTR in a number of ways - which is a good thing, considering they've raised the car's base price from $76840 to $96820 over the last 4 (four) years!  That's a 25% jump in price, for those of you without calculators handy.  Does the $20,000 jump in price make the GTR an also-ran in the budget supercar game?  "Hardly," answers Tym Switzer, of Switzer Performance, "the GTR, even over 90K, is still an incredibly fast and well-balanced platform.  For a hundred-thousand dollars, though, a lot of people seem to think it's missing something."  That "something" can usually be summed up in one word:  more.
"It's not just about more power," continues Tym, "it's more in general.  More sound.  More handling.  Just more fun, really.  The ride on the run flat tires is really harsh, and they're heavy, so the car has much higher unsprung weight than it needs to have.  That sort of thing makes the car feel even heavier than it is from behind the wheel, and that's not fun."  To help his customers get that little bit "more" that they're looking for from their GTR, Tym and his Ohio-based crew have built a number of 800-1000 hp street cars and even more powerful dragsters, but Tym is the first to admit "that kind of power and performance isn't for everyone."
There was demand, though.  Demand from customers who'd just bought their GTRs and felt like it was almost perfect ... but not quite.  What was there to do for them?
Tym's answer is the car you see here.  It's a 600 hp pump-gas conversion that improves the look, feel, and sound of the factory R35 by combining Switzer's free-breathing SS90 stainless-steel exhaust system and lightweight forged aluminum wheels with the company's high-flow drop-in filters and trick engine and transmission software to create a GTR that goes faster, corners better, rides more smoothly, and (to paraphrase a bit, in the name of professionalism) "sounds flipping awesome!"
With over 50 more hp and nearly 100 lb-ft of torque over the factory GTR, Switzer's P600 models blast to 60 in about 2.6 seconds, and is more than 2.5 seconds quicker than the stock car from 60-130 mph.  That's a 0.12g increase in linear acceleration across that 60-130 pull - about 24 lbs. on a 200 lb. man - for a difference that can truly be FELT as well as measured!
"This is really only our second 'complete' model for the street," continues Tym, "after the Ultimate Street Edition.  It follows the same principles as that car, in that it was built to be driven every day.  It doesn't burn more oil or much more gas than the factory car.  It idles smoothly, it maintains the factory cats, and because we've kept the turbos within the manufacturer's temperature and rpm ratings, there is no question of reliability down the road."
Switzer stands behind those claims of reliability with a 2 year warranty on the P600 - the same as that on an Ultimate Street Edition, which features the same Switzer suspension and brake upgrades as the P600 shown here.  "This P600 is really a great value," says Tym.  "For some people, it'll be more than enough on its own, but for other customers it'll just be a first step towards building an Ultimate Street Edition.  Either way, this is a car that really stands on its own as the sort of supercar GTR that I'm sure the Nissan guys would have liked to have built before the lawyers told them to slow things down."
Switzer's P600 PKG, as shown here, adds $15990 to the sticker price on the Premium 2013 GTRs, making the finished, 600 hp street beast a real option for someone looking for a "special" GTR that's a little more unique than the factory's "Black Edition".  For availability and scheduling information, contact Switzer Performance in Oberlin, Ohio.

Aug 4, 2012

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 26

Pages 50 and 51 from the Nissan GT-R history. The last Nissan GT-R was produced in 1973.  Though the 70's and most of the 80's the Skyline was more of a luxury car than a competitive race car. The plan's were put into place, for a dominating Skyline, that would eventually become the R32 GT-R.

For more information on importing your own Nissan Skyline, or any other vehicle over 25 years old, head over to:

Aug 1, 2012

July 2012 Nissan GT-R Sales : Up 128.6%

Nissan GT-R sales are up 128.6 percent for July 2012 over July 2011. However when July 2011 was only 56 cars sold, that would put July 2012 at 128 cars, a nice increase, but not a staggering number.  What is a staggering number is the number of Nissan Altimas sold so far this year -183,703.  213 days into the year(July 31, 2012) says that is about 862 Altimas a day.

So far this year, Nissan has sold 711 Nissan GT-R's down from 883 YTD in July 2011.   Other cars in the lineup, 395 LEAF, down from 931 July 2011. There were 654 370Zs sold  vs 550 a year before, bringing the percentage up 18.9 points. The  Juke sold 2960 units, down 8.1% from July 2011.

Check out the press release below.