951 AWHP : Switzer R1K

Last Friday, before the 4th holiday weekend, we strapped the car on Buschur’s Mustang dyno and managed a 951awhp/804awtq run before we literally started driving through the stock clutches. I had manipulated the clutches into locking up early and aggressively. This was done so that I could make progress with the tuning on this new combination without taking the car out of action for transmission modifications while Shep and I evaluated some of the current gearboxes we have running before settling on the final specs for that part of this build.
951 awhp on a Mustang dyno is very stout.  This car should do nearly 160 mph though a 1/4 mile. Tym Switzer said that while running 30-32 psi, they were expecting to run up to about 3 bar or 43 psi of boost. 

The block is stock with the factory spray on liners. New aftermarket pistons and rods are installed, along with custom camshafts.  It really sounds like they are pushing the factory liners and block, but that remains to be seen. 
Once they get a new transmission/clutchpack in the car, they expect to be putting down well over 1000 awhp.  Good luck to them.


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