Nissan's R-Hybrid

Car and Driver is reporting that Nissan filed a trademark for R-Hybrid. Probably doesn't mean much right?  Except check out the R in the logo.

Nissan R-Hybrid. Is this a hybrid version of a Nissan GT-R?
Sure does look like the Nissan GT-R R logo.

Nissan doesn’t seem terribly interested in a performance-oriented Sentra or Altima these days, and those cars it does want to tune, like the Juke, are branded as Nismos. At that point, we’re thinking that the GT-R is really the only candidate for the R-HYBRID badge.

Even though the new R36 GT-R isn't supposed to be ready until 2017, perhaps the partnership with Williams F1, and Nismo has produced something for the R35 GT-R a little sooner.  Maybe some better gas mileage and more power. Did someone mention gas mileage. Power, I meant to say more power.

Williams KERS unit. 
I always thought that some direct injection, and perhaps some VVEL like the G37/370Z could breath a bit of life into the old VR38DETT.

Infiniti has had the Essence Hybrid show car floating around a number of years. This is a good chance of what the R-Hybrid system might look like.

Head over to Car and Driver for their full article. forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

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