Mar 31, 2010

Cobb Tuning GT-R: Attacking the Time

Testing the Cobb Motorsports GT-R at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.  This looks like a NASA event. A radical and a Trans Am based Camaro that goes by.

COBB Motorsports GT-R at Auto Club Speedway from Brian Lock Racing on Vimeo.
AIT Widebody kit

Texas Mile Results and Pictures

Several members from the NAGTROC forums took their R35’s and other cars out to the Texas Mile event this last weekend.  The Texas mile is a standing start mile with terminal velocity measured at the end of that mile.
The Texas Mile has grown rapidly since our inaugural event in October 2003. Participants come from all edges of the United States, Canada and Mexico to test themselves and their motorized equipment on the fastest and most challenging 1-mile track in the world. They achieve their top speed in 1-Mile and shut down in a 1/2-Mile. This bi-annual Motorsports Festival is created for performance enthusiast - Welcoming Motorcycles, Performance Street Cars, Race Cars and Land Speed Racers.
AMS took out their 9 second R35, and it ran as quick as 195 mph. They said it was laying over in 5th and 6th gear , and not accelerating as it should have.  Without a roll bar, they were only allowed two passes over 190mph.
The first pass in the GT-R resulted in 195 mph. Martin (driver) came back stating the car was running excessively rich in 5th and 6th gear which pretty much killed any acceleration in those gears. The following day Eric Jones went out to try one more time. With no hardware for tuning adjustments at the track and no way to check for boost leaks we were not optimistic but we thought we would give it one more shot before we packed up for the weekend. The car came out like a bat out of hell, spinning the tires through first and second. It was well on its way to a 200mph pass but again in 6th gear the GT-R ran rich and really hurt its acceleration. That run was clocked at a 193. At this point we were asked not to run again due to a lack of proper safety equipment.

VR38DETT Gasket Kit for Nissan GT-R

VR38 Gasket kit. Something you are going to need if you are rebuilding the engine to make that 1000 hp monster.

We have hundreds of sets of used JDM wheels in stock. Check our eBay listings or our webstore for more JDM rims. Refinishing service available, please email us for pricing.
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Mar 28, 2010

Brass Monkey GT-R Runs Over Porsche During World Challenge Race

96 BM GT-R St Pete

One way to take a Porsche 911 out on the track, run over it.  Just after the start of the 2nd World Challenge race at St. Petersburg, going though the first set of corners, the #96 Nissan GT-R of Steve Ott, and the #57 Truspeed Porsche of Patrick Lindsay got together with the GT-R launching/driving over the front of the Porsche .  The nose of the GT-R was pointed up enough to get 3 wheels off the ground.   Both cars made it back to the pits under their own power.. The GT-R made it a few more laps before it also had to retire with a broken wheel, the Porsche retired.

This is from Saturday. Porsche trys to go inside the GT-R of Steve Ott, and ends up spinning out.  GT-R vs Porsche on the first two races of the year.

World Challenge St. Petersburg Race 2 Results
I will have to look for some pictures and video, as it was pretty spectacular.  The accident affected our #18 car, as it could not avoid the #57 Porsche , now occupying most of the middle of the track, and the left rear of the car came into contact with the stopped Porsche.  From the pits, we could only see the right side of the car. We asked the spotters to look, and then I ran down to take a peak at a close corner.  The left rear tire had about 5 degrees of negative camber. 5 degrees is a little excessive for us. The hella flush guys, and the demon camber drift guys might disagree. We made the decision to keep him on the track. It turned out to be the right decision, as Robert was able to move up to 2nd place, and finish 2nd in both of the weekends races.

19 days in Long Beach, our backyard. I will be getting some more info, and some video of the Brass Monkey cars at that event.
Rear Scion St Pete 2nd Race
Couple more pictures from the event:


Mar 27, 2010

World Challenge GT-R Pictures

From ST Pete

The Brass Monkey R35 GT-R’s are in St. Petersburg for the first World Challenge race of the season. Two cars driven by Tony Riviera and Steve Ott qualified #7(1:20.607) and #9(1:20.945) respectively . The quick qualifying time was Randy Pobst in the K-Pax Volvo S60.
The Nissan GT-R's are running stock drivelines with some modifications to the chassis and suspension. The cars weigh in at 3600 lbs, which puts them at the heaviest cars in the series. On the front and rear they are running 335/30/18's all around.
Some suspension modifications to the rear toe links.
Penske Coil Overs
In the cockpit, Looks pretty stock
Stock, down to the airfilters

Mar 23, 2010

AMS 9 Second R35 Nissan GT-R Video


AMS just posted their video of the first 9 second 1/4 mile pass in an R35 GT-R.  The video speaks for itself. Check out the last post for more information on the car.

Nissan GT-R Upgrade Packages.

Modifications to this car to run a 9.89@145 mph quarter mile.

This car is running our SR850 package which essentially is our SR750 package with a fuel system upgrade and a race fuel map. The package will be released very shortly and consists of the following:
AMS upgraded bolt on turbo's
Upgraded actuators
AMS 90mm downpipes
AMS 90mm Resonated midpipe
AMS 90mm exhaust
AMS Front mount intercooler
AMS 3" intercooler piping
HKS bov's
AMS Large MAF intake pipes
AMS fuel System upgrade
Cobb AP
AMS Custom Race gas map (unleaded 109 octane Race gas)
Boost peaks at about 27/28 and falls to low 20's near redline

Mar 21, 2010

First 9 Second R35 GT-R : AMS

AMS has smashed the 9 second barrier at TX2K10. The best pass was a 9.89@145mph with a best mph of 146.98 mph.
1.72 60 foot with LC2.
This car is running our SR850 package which essentially is our SR750 package with a fuel system upgrade and a race fuel map. The package will be released very shortly and consists of the following:
AMS upgraded bolt on turbo's
Upgraded actuators
AMS 90mm downpipes
AMS 90mm Resonated midpipe
AMS 90mm exhaust
AMS Front mount intercooler
AMS 3" intercooler piping
HKS bov's
AMS Large MAF intake pipes
AMS fuel System upgrade
Cobb AP
AMS Custom Race gas map (unleaded 109 octane Race gas)
Boost peaks at about 27/28 and falls to low 20's near redline
Yesterday's dyno numbers on the hennessey dyno dynamics dyno was 765whp and 738 tq
9second R35
Source : Nagtroc via GT-R Blog

Mar 19, 2010

8 Second Street Trim GT-R From Australia

Down in Australia, this R32 has been turning some 9 second, and now 8 second passes at the dragstrip. It does it a little differently, with a Nissan RE403A automatic transmission.  The fast way down the track for drag racing, in this time range is an auto transmission.  They have losses, but they load the car, and keep it in boost between shifts. The costs compared to the air shifted or sequential transmissions is much lower.
Motive Video - in car from the test day

Mar 18, 2010

7 Million Total Views on You Tube

My statistics for You Tube. I just went over 7 million total video views. 269 videos and 1589 subscribers.
Videos Uploaded: 269
Video Views: 7,001,214
Favorites: 21
Channel Type:
Channel Views: 95,610
Subscribers: 1,589
My latest video
My most viewed video.

Mar 15, 2010

R34-5 : What You Get When You Mix R34 and R35

Saw this over at the Clipping Point Blog. The pictures are from a Japanese auction, you can tell, they always look the same. Someone decided they liked the R35 so much that they would graft the front and rear onto an R34 Skyline. Interesting. Not sure what else to say than interesting.  The old saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

Mar 11, 2010

Nissan GT-R's Drag Racing : New Times From Florida

A couple of SSP Equipped R35 Nissan GT-R's were drag racing in Florida yesterday. Getting closer to the elusive 9 second barrier. The black car ran a 10.23 and the white car ran 141 mph.  Fast cars. 
Black R35

Model Year 2011 Nissan GT-R Updates

There are a few changes for the 2011 model year Nissan GT-R, and some other interesting news, only 315 cars imported to the US for model year 2011.
Nissan discontinued the base model, as they sold very few of them. Now the only model offered is the Premium.
Nissan is pleased to announce pricing for the 2011 GT-R. The 2011 GT-R is equipped with a 3.8L
twin-turbo charged engine producing 485 hp and advanced All-Wheel Drive technology that
provides outstanding performance. Combined with its aggressive design, the GT-R continues to be
the purest, most passionate expression of the Nissan brand.
In previous years, the GT-R was available in two trim levels, Base and Premium. In 2011, the
Base model has been discontinued and the GT-R is now available in one trim level, GT-R Premium.
The following features become standard on the 2011 model:
�� premium near black wheel finish
�� rear cooling ducts to help improve cooling performance around the rear floor area
�� auto on/off head lights
�� speed-sensitive windshield wipers
�� USB iPod interface
�� Bluetooth streaming audio
�� XM NavWeather and XM NavTraffic capabilities.
For the ultimate enthusiast, the Dunlop summer ultra-high performance run-flat tires are available
as a package at no extra cost. The Cold Weather Package remains the same with the Dunlop 7010
all season tires and high luster dark smoke wheel finish.
The MY11 Nissan GT-R MSRP is as follows: (D&H is not included)
�� GT-R Premium $84,060

Mar 10, 2010

AMS Performance SR850 Upgrade Package

AMS has been hard at work on their Nissan GT-R upgrade packages.  The dyno chart below is run on unleaded race gas.  443 horsepower was the stock number, and the 755 horsepower is what the SR850 package did on some good fuel and boost. Its nearly like they added another engine to the car from the amount of power and response they are getting from their package and tuning.
SR750 package
AMS upgraded turbos
Upgraded actuators
Upgraded fuel injectors
AMS Front mount intercooler
AMS 3" intercooler piping
AMS 90mm downpipes
AMS 90mm midpipe
AMS 90mm exhaust
AMS large diameter intake pipes
Cobb AP tuner
AMS Custom AP Mapping

SR850 Package:
everyone listed on the SR750 Package
Upgraded AMS fuel system
Custom AMS Race Gas mapping

Midnight Purple R35 : Paint in Progress

Here it comes. Midnight Purple on an R35. I am not personally a fan of purple. It reminds me of my 7th grade English teacher. Her favorite color was purple, and she had the shape of a grape. Everyday she wore purple. When I think of purple, I think of her, and our disagreements with her teaching style. Enough of my own adversions to a color. I prefer red, because red is faster.
In the paint booth. It looks like it should be out of the booth soon. 

Mar 9, 2010

Brass Monkey Racing World Challenge R35 GT-R Updates

A few more pictures of the Nissan GT-R’s have been posted up on the Brass Monkey Racing site.
Vented hood to help try and get all that heat out from the engine compartment. Still only a single engine oil cooler in this picture.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

An R35 GT-R birthday cake.  Pretty cool.  An owner in the UK from the forums posted up a picture of his cake. No mention of how it tasted.  I tried some Motul brake fluid last night while bleeding the brakes on the World Challenge Scion, and I would not recommend eating brake fluid. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

1667 Horsepower RB26

Heat Treatments Racing from New Zealand posted a picture of a dyno readout for their R32 Skyline GT-R Drag Car.   1667 horsepower.Not a bad number. Check out this thread in the UK for some of the latest info from Heat Treatments, and a video of the car getting loose going down the dragstrip.
Warming up the slicks.

Mar 7, 2010

Sumo Power Open Day and GT1 Nissan GT-R

Sumo Power in the UK had an open day at their immaculate facility. Some beautiful cars and equipment in their shop. It gives me tool envy.


Mar 3, 2010

World Challenge GT : Roll Cage Progress

Brass Monkey racing has been working on their two R35 Nissan GT-R’s for World Challenge. Check out the photos of the progress.
Stripped down.
Roll cage added

Mar 2, 2010

Nismo MFD Data Logger Upgrade for Nissan GT-R

Kris over at GT-R Blog and GT-R World posted up some pictures and information on the Nismo MFD upgrade for the multi function display (MFD).  Nismo had an upgrade for the R34 Skyline GT-R that added lap timing, and data logging.
This looks like its a Japan only item right now, and only JDM model year 2010 and above.  There are two versions, the plus kit including GPS input. 
Product Features Model Compatibility
Nismo Data Logging Kit BASE Data Analysis Software CD + USB Key JDM MY07 – MY09 JDM MY10
USB Memory Stick (for data logging) X O
Nismo Data Logging Kit PLUS All features of BASE plus
GPS Sensor (Coming Soon) X O
Control / Junction Box X O
GT-R Blog goes into the features and limitations of the kit.  Pricing is not available, but I would expect that most available data logging systems will be a less expensive, but less integrated than this Nismo kit.
Source: GT-R Blog and GT-R World