AMS Performance SR850 Upgrade Package

AMS has been hard at work on their Nissan GT-R upgrade packages.  The dyno chart below is run on unleaded race gas.  443 horsepower was the stock number, and the 755 horsepower is what the SR850 package did on some good fuel and boost. Its nearly like they added another engine to the car from the amount of power and response they are getting from their package and tuning.
SR750 package
AMS upgraded turbos
Upgraded actuators
Upgraded fuel injectors
AMS Front mount intercooler
AMS 3" intercooler piping
AMS 90mm downpipes
AMS 90mm midpipe
AMS 90mm exhaust
AMS large diameter intake pipes
Cobb AP tuner
AMS Custom AP Mapping

SR850 Package:
everyone listed on the SR750 Package
Upgraded AMS fuel system
Custom AMS Race Gas mapping

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