Brass Monkey GT-R Runs Over Porsche During World Challenge Race

96 BM GT-R St Pete

One way to take a Porsche 911 out on the track, run over it.  Just after the start of the 2nd World Challenge race at St. Petersburg, going though the first set of corners, the #96 Nissan GT-R of Steve Ott, and the #57 Truspeed Porsche of Patrick Lindsay got together with the GT-R launching/driving over the front of the Porsche .  The nose of the GT-R was pointed up enough to get 3 wheels off the ground.   Both cars made it back to the pits under their own power.. The GT-R made it a few more laps before it also had to retire with a broken wheel, the Porsche retired.

This is from Saturday. Porsche trys to go inside the GT-R of Steve Ott, and ends up spinning out.  GT-R vs Porsche on the first two races of the year.

World Challenge St. Petersburg Race 2 Results
I will have to look for some pictures and video, as it was pretty spectacular.  The accident affected our #18 car, as it could not avoid the #57 Porsche , now occupying most of the middle of the track, and the left rear of the car came into contact with the stopped Porsche.  From the pits, we could only see the right side of the car. We asked the spotters to look, and then I ran down to take a peak at a close corner.  The left rear tire had about 5 degrees of negative camber. 5 degrees is a little excessive for us. The hella flush guys, and the demon camber drift guys might disagree. We made the decision to keep him on the track. It turned out to be the right decision, as Robert was able to move up to 2nd place, and finish 2nd in both of the weekends races.

19 days in Long Beach, our backyard. I will be getting some more info, and some video of the Brass Monkey cars at that event.
Rear Scion St Pete 2nd Race
Couple more pictures from the event:


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