Dec 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review :

2012 has come and gone, but lets look back at some of the points of the year. Not necessarily just the finer points, but some of the ones that float my boat today. The 2013 Nissan GT-R arrived at dealerships in early 2012. The Black Edition had a new carbon fiber wing element and 15 more horsepower. GT-R Buyers Guide 2009-2014


GT-R vs Z06 vs 911
Even though 2012 was just starting, the 2013 Nissan GT-R was being pitted against the rest of the world. In this test from Car and Driver, they pit the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs the 2013 Nissan GT-R, and the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S.  "The ’13s, which have improved shift feel, the factory claims, plus the 15 extra horses, aren’t likely  to be much different."

35 units were sold vs 38 in December 2011. It seems that short supply, plus reports of the 2013's increased horsepower might have stolen a few sales.  Total sales for 2011 was 1294 cars vs 877 in 2010 an increase of 47.5%.
FIA GT3 Nissan GT-R. Rear wheel drive

Nismo jointly with JRM Motorsports have just released details of the FIA GT3 spec Nissan GT-R. The car has been in development during 2011, with three outings. The GT3 is now available for sale at 32,000,000 Japanese yen, or around $416,000 USD. The 1300 kg(2866 lb) GT3 GT-R features the twin turbo VR38DETT engine, making 530(or higher) horsepower, in line with the 2012 US car.

Motor Trend put the GT-R in a couple of its best of 2011 lists." Figure Eight: 23.3 seconds @ 0.89 g (avg) Skidpad: 1.05 g (avg)
The Nissan GT-R that took down the Corvette Z06 and Shelby GT500 in our budget supercar comparison earlier this year is the quickest all-wheel-drive car to conquer the figure eight, out-pacing the mighty 911 Turbo by 0.2 second. Just to illustrate how volatile the vehicle testing game can be, the GT-R that finished runner-up in the 2011 Best Driver’s Car story needed 23.7 seconds around the same course."

2013 Pricing

GT-R Premium / Dual-clutch transmission$96,820 USD
GT-R Black Edition / Dual-clutch transmission$106,320 USD
* +$1000 destination charge

Nissan GT-R Buyers Guide 

Nissan Juke-R
Inside Line: 2012 Corvette Z06 vs 2013 Nissan GT-R.  "And even though it has a 3.7-inch-longer wheelbase, is 7.5 inches longer overall and is packing an extra 642 pounds over the Vette, the GT-R actually feels smaller and more of one piece. Its best lap time was a 1:23.8."


CRP World Challenge Nissan GT-R
CRP planned on running a couple of Nissan GT-R's in World Challenge GT. That never really panned out that well during 2012. 

Camaro ZL1 vs Nissan GT-R

Road and Track Magazine pitted a Camaro ZL1 vs a Nissan GT-R. "The clocks show that the ZL1 is 2.8 seconds off the GT-R at Inde. Even with PTM, no-lift shifts and launch control, the ZL1 is simply the harder car to drive. It’s heavier by nearly 200 lb., thanks in part to a beefy 9.9-in. differential that’s built to handle the torque but is nearly twice as heavy as that used in the SS."

Switzer USE Nissan GT-R. 927 all wheel horsepower - on 93 octane
Switzer released their Ultimate Street Edition Nissan GT-R. Doesn't look like much right? Well that is the point. 927 all wheel horsepower on 93 octane is the answer to your fly yellow, widebody, hamster power.

Motor Trend picked their best drivers car for 2011. Somehow the Nissan GT-R made it in the mix. "Bell’s reaction to the Nissan’s brutal acceleration is “that was truly magnificent!”"

SP Engineering Nissan GT-R
Jay Leno drove one of SP Engineering's Nissan GT-R's and featured it on his video blog.

Dec 30, 2012

Nissan GT-R at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring Documentary

R35 car being built. Check out the build sheet taped to the hood on the left side

Check out this documentary parts 1 and 2 on the GT Academy's preparation for the 24 Hours of Nurburgring in 2012.

"A documentary following the 4 months of preparation by Team GT Academy, leading to the 2012 Nürburgring 24 Hour race. (*Translated subtitles.)

Kazunori Yamauchi successfully achieved a class victory in the Nürburgring 24 hour race, racing with a private team in the previous year. In the following year of 2012, Mr. Yamauchi has taken on a new challenge. The car is a commercial spec Nissan GT-R. And his team mates include Lucas Ordoñez , the racing driver born through Gran Turismo, together with Gran Turismo software engineers who will set up the racing car.

"The great grass roots race" no longer applies to the 24 hours of Nürburgring. There are many cars on the track from the FIA GT3 class, effectively turning the race into a testing ground for touring racecars. Find out for yourself how Team GT Academy took on the increasingly difficult Nürburgring 24 hour race.

[Main Cast]
Kazunori Yamauchi
Lucas Ordoñez
Yasukichi Yamamoto
Tobias Schulze
Kazutoshi Mizuno

Dec 27, 2012

Nissan GT-R vs 2000 Horsepower Corvette

2000 horsepower Corvette vs Nissan GT-R
Out at the Texas Invitational, some of the big guns run side by side in a rolling start event near Dallas, Texas.

The schedule for the day consisted of open session runs, grudge matches, and finally our King of the Street competition.  For the second year in a row an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Superleggera won the event.  The vehicle is owned by Bill Quereshi and was driven by Tag “the real Stig” Marlow.  Runner up was Andy Nelson in his Twin Turbo Viper from Oklahoma’s 1% organization.
Check out the video below:

Dec 24, 2012

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 31

Pages 60 and 61 of the Nissan GT-R history. The final Nissan Skyline GT-R was produced in 2002 with the Nur being the last editions. 250 Mspec and 750 Vspec.

Dec 19, 2012

STILLEN Brake Specials : CCM Kits on Special

Free brake cooling kits with the STILLEN/AP Racing CCM (Carbon Ceramic Matrix) brake upgrade for your Nissan GT-R. 38 lbs lighter than the factory rotors. If you want to lose rotating unsprung weight, here is a great area.

The ultimate brake upgrade for the Nissan GT-R, available for the 2009-2011(stock 380 mm) and 2012-2013(stock 390mm) cars is the STILLEN/AP Racing CCM-X carbon ceramic matrix brake rotors.

STILLEN/AP Racing CCM-X 400 mm carbon ceramic brake rotors

Once found only on the world’s most expensive supercars, Carbon-Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes have been developed for the first specifically-tuned aftermarket application – the Nissan R35 GT-R. These 400mm disc assemblies are 20mm larger than the standard 380mm OE iron discs, yet reduce weight by nearly half(38 lbs lighter than the stock brakes). This is rotating and unsprung weight, leading to improvements in all performance categories: acceleration, handling and braking.

Wouldn't you like to lose 38 lbs of rotating, unsprung weight?

After three decades of using carbon-carbon brakes on racing vehicles (even longer on fighter jets), AP Racing CCM discs are the next technological platform. Advancements in materials, process technologies and nanoparticle technology make it possible to use a special carbon fiber precursor along with new, patented process techniques. The unidirectional precursor is needled into a 3-Dimensional, continuouscarbon fiber preform. This differs from lower cost technologies that use loose, chopped strand fibers and thin woven face plies bonded on as a friction surface. A true 3D matrix is stronger, more robust and provides longer life than the more brittle alternative. As a comparison, think quality hardwood versus particle board or MDF with a veneer.

Converting the 3D preform to carbon-carbon is done under high heat and pressure via methane cracking during a special carbon vapor infiltration (CVI) process. After initial machine work, a final conversion process results in a full matrix carbon-silicon carbide (CSiC). We call it Carbon-Ceramic Matrix, or CCM for short. The discs are then sent through the final machining, grinding, and balancing. Of course, the CCM discs are now so hard that only special diamond tooling can be used!

Is This The 2017 R36 Nissan GT-R?

Look at these rumors surrounding me every day.  Motor Trend is reporting that the next generation Nissan GT-R, the R36 may go hybrid. This rumor has popped up several times, but we haven't seen any real solid information about it.

The 2014 Nissan GT-R represents the fifth revision of the R35 series GT-R since its launch. We hear that at least two more updates to the present Godzilla are in the works and that the R35 will live on until at least 2015, though our source says it could be around until as late as 2017. The extended timeframe could be good news, as we've heard that Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn only recently lit the green light to begin development of a new GT-R

Read more:
Infiniti Essence Concept
The problem of course with going with a hybrid is weight. Can Nissan afford to add several hundred pounds of batteries and electric motors to turn the GT-R into a hybrid.  There are some mild hybrid type systems out there, along with super capacitors that can store energy with less weight than a battery.  More carbon fiber, or a smaller package could also drop weight, along with possibly a different engine layout or perhaps not even a turbo engine.  The boost of power coming via a kind of KERS or stored energy for those short bursts of power.

The second option is a "turbo compressor and generator setup" still in the testing stages. Seen as a mere "assist" device for the current powertrain, a newly fitted drive motor could be designed to slot right inside the car's rear transaxle. "The GT-R would also have to employ a start-stop device as well as cylinder deactivation technology to get CO2 down," says our insider.

Read more:
Infiniti Essence Concept

Dec 17, 2012

Car and Driver Drives the 1400 Horsepower AMS Alpha 12 GT-R at Willow Springs

AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R at "big track" Willow Springs

How much power is enough? Mark Donahue supposedly said "it will never have enough power until I can spin the wheels at the end of the straightaway in high gear", in reference to the 1100-1500 horsepower Porsche 917 during development. 

In this case, Car and Driver Magazine takes the AMS built, Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R for a couple laps around Willow Springs
The AMS Performance Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R is the 1,400-horsepower answer to the docile 545-horsepower standard Nissan GT-R. We take the tuned Godzilla to Willow Springs Raceway on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Tested.

Check out the video after the break.

GT-R Snowplow

This guy seems as excited as a Swedish guy might get about driving his GT-R out of a snow filled parking spot. More proof of the anytime, anywhere, supercar slogan? Probably not that good for the bumpers and undertrays to try and move too much snow, but it should't get trapped for most small amounts of snow.

Source: Jerry

Dec 14, 2012

Usain Bolt Charity Nissan GT-R Headed to Australia

Remember Nissan's Director of Excitement's GT-R? The one they auctioned off for charity? It reached a final bid of $187,100. They also auctioned several other GT-R, and Usain Bolt signed items. The car was supposedly sold to a bidder in Australia

Press Release after the break.

Dec 13, 2012

Nismo GT-R Show or Display Covered by GT Channel

This was fast.  GT Channel just shot this video yesterday, of the #500 Nismo Nissan Skyline GT-R, and they have it up already.  Check it out below. for exclusive photos of the GT-R. We feature the first 1990 Nissan GT-R NISMO R32 imported under the show or display exemption. Sean Morris, the owner, gives us a look at the car and how he brought it to the US.

View this entire album: Nismo GT Channel Shoot HELP


Your signed application must include, at a minimum:
1. Your name, address, phone number, and FAX number.
2. Vehicle identification – make, model, model year, VIN or chassis number,
engine number, date of manufacture and mileage.
3. Location where you will store the vehicle in the United States.
4. Statement describing use on the public roads, if intended. If on-road use is requested, identify the Independent Commercial Importer (ICI) that will modify the vehicle to bring it into conformity with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.
5. Basis for the application.
6. Attachments:
1. Photographs – ¾ frontal, ¾ rear, interior, odometer reading and special features (if appropriate).
2. Document from manufacturer or recognized historical source, identifying total production (production verification).
3. Proof of insurance conditioned on limited on-road use (not more than 2,500 miles accumulated in any 12-month period).
4. Identification of vehicle’s:
1. Technological significance – You must identify (be specific) the technology, engineering, and construction features of the vehicle that are advanced and of an unusual nature not commonly found in motor vehicles manufactured in the same time period; or
2. Historical significance – You must identify the historical significance of the vehicle. If a person of historical significance owned the vehicle, you must submit proof that this person owned the vehicle. If the vehicle was the first or last vehicle of a particular model, you must establish this through the manufacturer’s documentation or, if this is not available, through a recognized historical source. If the vehicle was "one of a kind," you must establish this also.
Items of significance must be numerically listed followed by the reason why the item is of significance.
You may then mail the application to:

Import and Certification Division
Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance (NVS-223)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Room W45-205
Washington, DC 20590


A vehicle eligible for Show or Display may receive NHTSA approval to be driven on the highway. The odometer must not register more than 2,500 miles in a 12-month period. NHTSA approval of limited on-road use is to allow the vehicle to be driven to and from nearby displays of similar automobiles. Another reason permission is granted is to maintain the vehicle’s engine, braking, lighting, and other dynamic systems in good working order. The vehicle is still required to meet EPA requirements. If the original engine in the vehicle will be replaced with a non-original engine to meet EPA requirements, it must be identified in your application since it may impact on the technological or historical significance of the vehicle. Email me if you need help importing vehicles.

Dec 12, 2012

10.61 Quarter Mile : 2013 Nissan GT-R

Modified 2013 Nissan GT-R. 0-60 in 2.59 seconds.
A stock 2013 Nissan GT-R is a fast car. Hitting low 11's in the quarter mile, not many other cars out there can compete over the distance.  However, like anything stock, it can be improved, and member FikseGTS over at NAGTROC did just that. With an aftermarket midpipe and tune, he went as quick as 10.61 in the quarter mile, 0-60 in 2.59 seconds.  Check out the video.

MotoIQ Radio Interview About Nismo R32 GT-R Show or Display

MotoIQ Radio is doing an interview tonight from 7:15 to 7:45 pm PST on the Show or Display Nismo Nissan Skyline GT-R. Check it out.

Some big, big news for you R32 Nissan NISMO Skyline GTR fans! You can now own your car as a show or display vehicle in the United States. What does that really mean? Well, Sean Morris of will explain more and let you know what this means for owners of the NISMO R32. We'll also have some discussion about the Skyline GTR, including Kerryann's own R32 Time Attack Monster. Finally, we'll have Andrie Hartanto on to talk about the 25 Hours of Thunderhill and discuss what it took to get the Hankook Tire Global & El Diablo Motorsports E36 M3 to the winner's circle in E0 Class.

7:15pm - 7:45pm PST - The Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, a car of legend of those who worship JDM Nissan. Sometimes I wonder if it really lives up to the hype or not, but it is a car that certainly carries a certain air to it. Now, with new rules in registering for Show or Display, the NISMO R32 GTR is now legal to own in the US. We'll talk with Sean Morris of to find out what those new rules mean for current and new NISMO R32 owners in the US. 

Dirty. Prior to its bath. Still wearing JDM dust. 

Dec 11, 2012

Nismo Skyline GT-R on ebay. #500

Any guesses on how long this Nismo version of the Skyline GT-R, one of 560 cars made, 500 sold to the public lasts on ebay?


I just listed #500 in a 10 day auction, with a lot of information on Show or Display. I included my letter, and explanations  however I am sure it will get taken down a couple of times.  Starting bid is just $10,000 for BNR32-100500. 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo.

#500 and #383

"You recently listed the following listing:

221165413671 - Nissan : GT-R Nismo

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the following information violates our policy:

"1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R"

Here's some more information about our imported vehicles policy:

Under federal law, it's illegal to import (or sell previously imported) motor vehicles and equipment that haven't received advance certification by the United States Department of Transportation. Sellers may offer a legally imported vehicle as long as the proper importation documentation has already been obtained and is in the possession of the current owner of the vehicle.

Please fax a copy of the United States Department of Transportation bond release letter to the fax number provided below. Please make sure to include your user ID and email address with your documentation.

Attn: eBay Motors Community Watch
Fax Number: 1-877-653-1392

Once we have reviewed your fax we will contact you. Please do not list your vehicle on eBay before you hear from us.

The sale of vehicles, vehicle parts, and items related to the transfer of vehicles (such as titles and registrations) is heavily regulated. eBay urges members to educate themselves about the applicable laws (which vary from state to state) before listing an item."

Lasted about 4 days before they took it down. I just faxed them in the required paperwork.

Dec 10, 2012

Guess Who Got their VR38DETT Fitted?

Godzilla Motorsports in Australia has ran an all wheel drive Nissan Skyline GT-R for several years drag racing, but just recently switched to a rear wheel drive R35 bodied drag car. They were running a RB26/RD28 inline 6 cylinder in the car, but have just started working on getting a VR38DETT into the car.  They are shooting for more than 1800 horsepower.

With the RB they went as quick and fast as 6.63@211.

Source: Godzilla Motorsports Facebook

Dec 9, 2012

GT-R Magazine #107 November 2012 - Japanese Market Sales

GT-R Magazine #107, November 2012.  In the magazine they list total Nissan R35 GT-R sales for Japan.  The data is current as of August 2012.

Total Japan Sales
2007 807
2008 4871
2009 531
2010 298
2011 479
2012 446

2012 - 446 (as of August 2012)
      Jan- 52
      Feb- 67
      April- 42
      May- 24
      June- 55

Since 2007, Nissan has sold 7481(as ofAugust 2012) Nissan GT-R’s in Japan.  The following chart breaks down the 7481 total cars sold by model. US Total sales have been 6574 units.

Total Sales by Model
My Japanese is not perfect, so please correct me if this is wrong
Normal 1698
Premium 2142
Black Edition 3545
SpecV 55
Club Track 12

The most popular seller by far was the Black Edition.  I wonder if the US had the Black Edition from the beginning, if we would see a similar sales percentage of Black Editions to Normal/Premium’s. Only 55 total SpecV’s sold.  Only 20 EGOIST.

Current Prices
US conversion as of 3-10-2012
Pure Edition 8,694,000 yen ($105,434)
Black Edition 9,471,000 yen ($114,758)
Premium Edition 9,618,000 yen ($116,539)
EGOIST 15,000,000 yen ($181,752)
SpecV(no longer sold) 15,750,000 yen ($189,256)
Club Track edition 10,479,000 yen ($126,971)

The current Japanese exchange rate, makes the selling price in Japan, on the Premium Edition about $10,000 more than the Black Edition. The Black Edition in Japan is less expensive because in Japan, it does not have the same wheels as the US car, or for 2013, it doesn't have the carbon fiber wing. Just the wing alone is around $10,000 from the Nissan dealer.

Dec 6, 2012

All Wheel Drive Clutch Temp High Error

Let me go on a rant.  Three times the last 24 hours I have been talking to people about this exact same error.  All Wheel Drive Clutch temp high.  The guys that get it panic over the light, because "they didn't do anything."

Well anything except forget to mention they just swapped wheels and tires on the car, and are now running on a 195 front - 345 rear tire(OK that's over dramatic). I see this and then get irritated. I shouldn't care, not my car, but I do try and point out to them, that the overall tire height is causing the problem.  Normally get the argument back that so and so said it would be ok, or blah blah blah. It can and possibly will damage the Fwd clutch/transfercase and possibly the whole transmission, so FIX it, by swapping tires. I highly recommend not driving a vehicle in this condition.

Here is how troubleshooting a problem works. Identify problem. Did it exist previous? Changes before problem? Put it back the way it was, did it fix it?

So the problem or the great part is that the GT-R is all wheel drive. It has a series of clutches/differentials in the car that help to transmit power between the front and rear wheels. In the R35 its in the GR6 transmisserdiffercase, and its called the FWD clutch, but I would call it a transfer case. It has an input and output. The input is from the transmission, and the output goes to the front wheels. However it is mechanically coupled to the front wheels though the front driveshaft, so both sides are always spinning.  When the ATTESA system decides it needs more front torque, it locks up the clutches in the transfer, and sends some power to the front wheels. The magic of all wheel drive.

When you have tires of different heights... Now that is key. Height. The overall rolling diameter. Not 305. Not 30. Not 20 inches. The height of the tire. You need to check with the manufacturer of the tire,find it on Google, Tire Rack, the interwebs,  or get out a damn tape measure and measure it.  If you are more than about 12 mm difference in overall height in a GT-R, you will probably have a problem. 0-4 mm is good. 4-8 mm is acceptable. 8-12 mm is iffy. 12 mm plus will probably set a light.  Stock is 0.1 mm or about 2.5 mm.

Stock GT-R Wheels (2009-2012)
Front   20 x 9.5  45 offset
Rear    20 x 10.5 25 offset

Tires (2009-2012)
255/40/20 Front  28” diameter
285/35/20 Rear  27.9” diameter

What have people put on the car? Tons of different sizes. Square - 285 all around, 275/315. 275 square. Check out this whole post on GT-R wheel and tire sizes.

I know this can be an issue because I have burned up ATTESA transfer cases in R33 GT-R's. I was stupid, I didn't listen to people that knew better. Don't be stupid. Do the math, figure it out before you go just throwing the latest greatest hellaflush bullshit on your GT-R.

AMS Alpha 10 and Alpha 12 Turbo Kits

Say you have a Nissan GT-R, and 480,530, or 545 horsepower just isn't doing it for you, and you want a little more. Just enough for a little more motivation.  Then these two kits are not for you. If you want twin turbo Lamborghini slaying, Bugatti Veyron walking, turbo Hayabusa killing power then the Alpha 10 or Alpha 12 kits are for you.  The kits have been around for a while, but are just now going into final production with the cast exhaust manifolds. Why cast? Cast manifolds last, and stand up to the abuse much better than most tubular header style manifolds. There is a slight weight penalty, but I will give up that weight for the robustness of a cast manifold.

So if you want to make 900 wheel, 1200 wheel horsepower, then AMS has your turbo kits. At those kind of power levels, you need to upgrade the engine, trans, and even the driver to handle the power, but if its something you need to have, then the turbo kits start at just $15,500.

Any doubt on exactly how fast you can go on an Alpha 12 kit. One of the latest 8 second street cars from Ivey Tune.

Quick Spooling, Yet Produces Massive Power;  The Best Of Both Worlds

The Alpha GT-R Turbo System is no one-trick pony.  Often bigger turbos require you to give up much of the low and mid-range power.  While others might use the "bigger is better" approach to turbo kit "design", we set out to properly engineer a system that yields maximum power across the WHOLE power-band to keep you ahead of the competition.  

By applying the latest in billet wheel and V-band turbo technology we set the bar even higher.  Billet compressor wheels are not only lighter, which helps quicken your turbo spool time, they also have superior aerodynamic profiles that compress more air efficiently: less heat = more power.  When Motortrend http://blogs.motortr...a-12-22571.html tested our Alpha 12 they were blown away by the throttle response.  They felt "The quickness with which the turbos spooled was breathtaking."
 Computer Designed, Large Runner, Equal Length Manifold For Maximum Results

When it comes to casting, those aftermarket companies who are willing to make the investment, choose a log-style manifold due to its simplicity and smaller size.  These are much easier and cheaper to produce because little effort is spent in the "design" of them.  While log manifolds are much stronger than a hand-fabricated design, they disturb exhaust flow and hurt performance.  

Our team of engineers designed the Alpha manifolds with a cast AND tubular design giving you the best of both worlds.  By implementing CAD (computer aided design) methods our turbo system offers you even better performance benefits than an equal length, hand-fabricated manifold with the strength of a cast manifold; something not offered by our competition.  By casting a computer designed, tubular manifold, we were able to maximize exhaust flow with massive  1.5" exhaust runners while utilizing the small space available in your GT-R's engine compartment.  To top things off, we even Extrude Hone each manifold to ensure you unmatched performance.

ALPHA 10 power output numbers:
93 octane: up to 900whp (dynojet) with a 3.8L motor (1050-1100 engine hp)
Race fuel: up to 1100whp (dynojet) with a 3.8L motor (1300-1350 engine hp)

ALPHA 12 power output numbers:
93 octane: up to 1000whp (dynojet) on a 4.0L motor (1150-1200 engine hp)
Race fuel: up to 1250whp (dynojet) on a 4.0L motor  (1500-1550 engine hp)

Kit includes:

ALPHA 10 or 12 turbochargers (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit cast tubular exhaust manifolds (2)
TiAL MVS Wastegates in black (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit Stainless Steel downpipes (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit intake pipes (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit cast turbo outlet pipes and custom silicone couplers (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit turbo support bracket system (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit heat resistant Oil and water line set (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit Heat protection / shielding system (2)
ALPHA Turbo Kit Boost Control Solenoid
ALPHA Turbo kit complete hardware system for seamless install.

ALPHA 10 Turbo Kit pricing: $15500.00
ALPHA 12 Turbo Kit pricing: $16500.00

Order yours today through AMS performance or any one of our ALPHA dealers:

For more information on our full ALPHA performance packages featuring components like the ALPHA turbo kit please visit our site:

Source: GTR Life