GT-R Magazine #107 November 2012 - Japanese Market Sales

GT-R Magazine #107, November 2012.  In the magazine they list total Nissan R35 GT-R sales for Japan.  The data is current as of August 2012.

Total Japan Sales
2007 807
2008 4871
2009 531
2010 298
2011 479
2012 446

2012 - 446 (as of August 2012)
      Jan- 52
      Feb- 67
      April- 42
      May- 24
      June- 55

Since 2007, Nissan has sold 7481(as ofAugust 2012) Nissan GT-R’s in Japan.  The following chart breaks down the 7481 total cars sold by model. US Total sales have been 6574 units.

Total Sales by Model
My Japanese is not perfect, so please correct me if this is wrong
Normal 1698
Premium 2142
Black Edition 3545
SpecV 55
Club Track 12

The most popular seller by far was the Black Edition.  I wonder if the US had the Black Edition from the beginning, if we would see a similar sales percentage of Black Editions to Normal/Premium’s. Only 55 total SpecV’s sold.  Only 20 EGOIST.

Current Prices
US conversion as of 3-10-2012
Pure Edition 8,694,000 yen ($105,434)
Black Edition 9,471,000 yen ($114,758)
Premium Edition 9,618,000 yen ($116,539)
EGOIST 15,000,000 yen ($181,752)
SpecV(no longer sold) 15,750,000 yen ($189,256)
Club Track edition 10,479,000 yen ($126,971)

The current Japanese exchange rate, makes the selling price in Japan, on the Premium Edition about $10,000 more than the Black Edition. The Black Edition in Japan is less expensive because in Japan, it does not have the same wheels as the US car, or for 2013, it doesn't have the carbon fiber wing. Just the wing alone is around $10,000 from the Nissan dealer.


Unknown said...

hi, do you also have gtr global sales data?

Sean Morris said...

This is US, Canadian, Australia. As recent as I can get.

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