Nismo R32 Skyline GT-R: Show or Display Exemption

Nismo R32 Skyline GT-R #500

The Nismo R32 GT-R was sold as a homologation special for racing starting February 22,1990. 560 total cars were produced, only 500 were sold to the public. This meant that the car was going to be 21 years old, February 22, 2011.  The 500 total cars, and the fact that it was meant as a base for the race cars meant that it was a perfect candidate for the Show or Display exemption.  Show or Display was a rule that allowed for certain historically or technologically significant vehicles to be imported to the US on a permanent basis without meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards. The rules allow for the cars to be driven up to 2500 miles per year, but they still need to meet EPA standards.

KH2 - Gunmetal. You can have any color, as long as its Gunmetal. 

Technological Significance of the 1990 Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R 

The 1990 Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R “Nismo” should be eligible for Show or Display based on its technological significance and low production figures. The Nismo was launched on February 22, 1990 as a base model for Nissan's Group A and N1 racing cars. 

Out of a  total of 560 cars1 produced, only 500 cars were sold to the public, 60 cars were held back by Nissan for racing. Even though there were more than 500 total cars produced, this car is of exceptional significance because of its race history and following world wide.   The Nismo has a unique chassis code, making them immediately identifiable. BNR32-100000 though BNR32-100560. 2

The Nismo has several unique differences from the normal Nissan Skyline GT-R that were done so the car could be homolgated for Group A and N1 racing . These differences distinguish it from the normal Nissan Skyline GT-R’s. 

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Best Motoring Video. Regular R32 GT-R vs Nismo R32 GT-R.



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