Stillen Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit Priced

Carbon Ceramic brakes used to be only found on top of the line street and racing cars. Stillen is working with AP Racing on a set of aftermarket brake rotors for the Nissan GT-R. 
Carbon-Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes have been developed for the first specifically-tuned aftermarket application – the Nissan R35 GT-R. These 400mm disc assemblies are 20mm larger than the standard 380mm OE iron discs, yet reduce weight by nearly half. This is rotating and unsprung weight, leading to improvements in all performance categories: acceleration, handling and braking.
Stillen has priced their Carbon Ceramic Brake kit at $15,990. While expensive for a set of rotors, the kit has been proven in the Targa Newfoundland Rally. The CCM brakes life is greatly improved over an iron disc.  With the prices of a stock set of rotors and pads for an R35 from a Nissan dealer, a track junkie will be able to pay off the price of this kit within a few good track weekends.

The STILLEN-AP Racing CCM brake upgrade kit includes: • Front & Rear CCM brake disc/hat assemblies • Front & Rear CCM-specific street & light track use brake pads • Caliper spacers • Active brake cooling package available for Track Users (Not Shown - Sold separately & also for non-CCM equipped GT-R’s)

CCM Brake Rotor Weight
Front rotors (assembled with aluminum hat and hardware): 14.2 lbs. ea.

Rear rotors (assembled with iron hat and hardware): 17.5 lbs. ea.

Front caliper locater: 0.3 lbs. ea.

Rear caliper locater: 0.2 lbs. ea.

Source : Stillen

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