Chrome wrapped Nissan GT-R

This post should be titled “How to blind other drivers.” However, since its never really that sunny in the UK, this chrome wrap may be ok.   Interesting and unique are a few of the words that would have been thrown around.



It is said to have taken 2 weeks to complete, and the owner did the wrap after they got bored of the previous matte white wrap. I would not have wanted to being the guy applying this wrap. The chrome vinyl is pretty thick and it doesn’t like to wrap around curves much.  At the 2009 SEMA show, I did see some chrome paint on a car, its just not the normal, or easy thing to do, so most people won’t attempt a whole chrome paint job.



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Strange laws in germany:its not allowed to "paint" a car in chrome,because you could blend other drivers,but it is allowed to do a chrome-coating on the car for corrosion-protection.And no law tells you,you have to paint the car.For example: a polished Delorian,shiny stainless steel,no paint,just steel

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