Gran Turismo 5 : R35 GT-R SpecV : The Real Car

Nissan and Polyphony Digital/Gran Turismo have an intertwined relationship on the R35 GT-R.  The Nissan Skyline GT-R, and the Nissan GT-R have been featured prominently in the Gran Turismo series, and contribute to the world wide fan base in places where the cars were never even originally available. Polphony Digital designed the MFD(multi function display) that shows engine parameters in the R35 GT-R.  7tune posted these pictures of the real car that was used as the basis of the toy R35 GT-R given away in some of the collectors editions of Gran Turismo 5.


This car was on display at an endurance race of top Japanese tuners at Fuji Speedway.  We will be looking for some footage of the six hour race, as about 10% of the seventy cars competing were R35 GT-Rs’.  Head over to 7tune for more photos and coverage from Tokyo Auto Salon.



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