Super Street : Update on Kaizo

Hey its Super Street, not Time Magazine, but I would expect them to do a little better job of covering news within the automotive industry. I would also expect them to side a little closer to the side of the enthusiast, and not that of the ignorant tree hugger journalists.

As of today, Daryl Alison has entered a plea on "removing a label", but he has not yet been sentenced . He could, face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.     It does say that Daryl allegedly did the things they mention in the beginning of the article. It just seems like it was edited poorly.  If you want to read the LA Times story from the beginning of Novermber its here.  Some more information on Kaizo.

As of now, owners of Kaizo chassis are up in the air.  A few vehicles were seized and being held. A few owners got letters that they had 60 days to export or surrender back in August 2009. A few more owners got visited by ICE agents.  This investigation started about a year and a half ago, and so far, about eight cars have been taken off the road.  Eight cars, that were probably barely ever driven, most were registered, taxes paid, owned by enthusiasts, that did not believe they were doing anything wrong.  I wonder how much money has been spent by ICE, chasing these cars.  FBI , ICE, DOT, EPA, CARB all on the chase of about 50 chassis that were sold over the last three years.  In that same amount of time, about 30,000,000 cars were sold new in the US. I feel safer already.

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