Holiday Gifts for Nissan GT-R Owners

A couple of holiday gift idea's for Nissan GT-R owners. No one likes having to use a front license plate, but its the law in much of the US. The front lip on a GT-R is also very low, and either a front lip spoiler, or skidplate can help protect against scrapes.

More than 1/2 the US has requirements to place a front and rear license plate on your vehicle. For some cars, like the Nissan GT-R, that means drilling holes into your front bumper. Many owners want to comply with the law, but don't like the conventional mounting method.

STILLEN has been producing tow hook license plate brackets for several years now. The tow hook is located in the front bumper area, and allows for easy removal in case you have to use the tow hook.

Mounting the plate using the factory bracket requires more than a few simple holes. In fact, major surgery is required, which is nearly impossible to reverse without replacement of the entire bumper assembly. Save yourself the headache and install the STILLEN GT-R Front License Plate Bracket. Uses the pre-existing  for the factory tow hook. This fits from 2009- 2012 Nissan GT-R's.

Picture Source: World License Plates

The front lip on a Nissan GT-R is low. Most owners front lips end up taking the brunt of driveway entrances and exits. We have two products to protect, and enhance the front lip of 2012 and also 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R's.  The part numbers for the early cars(2009-2011US) are different than the late car(2012US up).

2012 Nissan GT-R
The STILLEN Urethane Lip Spoiler adds 2" of length to the OEM fascia, and installs directly onto the vehicle over the factory piece. This lip spoiler is designed to hold additional air onto the nose, with flares on the side corners producing a canard effect for extra control.

Another major benefit of the front lip spoiler is the durability.  Constructed out of high-quality polyurethane, this front spoiler is nearly indestructible and carries a limited lifetime warranty. This means it can stand up to the hazards of the race track or the drive around town with 100% driver/owner confidence.

The STILLEN Skidplate is a popular product that helps protect the $1800 front lip. With it installed, it blends in with the factory look.   One customer commented that the skidplate helps the front of the car to slide over any obstacles that he encountered like deep driveways.

Skidplate installed

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