Switzer Performance Six Wheel Set for Nissan GT-R's

Switzer Performance is turning a Nissan GT-R into a six wheeler? That might be the first thing you think, when you hear about their new six wheel set, but its not exactly this.

The Nissan GT-R comes with a 20 inch stock wheel, its a big car, it needs a lot of wheel to fill out the wheelwells and balance the look. However there are not a lot of high performance drag tires in a 20 inch size.  Switzer has tried to address this issue, along with having your car match the look with a six wheel set. Four 20 inch wheels, and two 18 inch wheels for the rear.

Cars usually have 4 wheels on them (this shouldn’t be news). Many owners of high-end performance cars, however, take their cars to drag strips – where a set of specialty drag radials can significantly improve traction. Better traction makes hard launches easier, lowers the car’s times, and makes the experience that much more enjoyable for the car’s owner
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