Porsche 911 vs Nissan GT-R on the Figure Eight

2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition on the Motor Trend Figure Eight Course
Motor Trend Magazine took their long term Nissan GT-R Black Edition, and pitted it against the  new Porsche 911 in a figure eight test, to determine how and why they do what they do.

Despite being larger and heavier, the front-engine, all-wheel-drive Nissan GT-R is about one second quicker around the figure eight thanks to a 145-hp advantage and series of electronically controlled differentials that send power where it can be best utilized. Though the GT-R is faster around the figure-eight, the two supercars pull the same lateral g.

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The Porsche has the new active anti roll system, and torque vectoring to keep the car pointed the way you want it to go.  The Nissan GT-R uses its ATTESA all wheel drive system, and extra power to go though the course. They say the Nissan GT-R has a series of electronically controlled diffs, but really it only has one, the center diff/transfercase. Both the front and rear diffs are not electronically controlled. The R33, and R34 had an electronically controlled lockup(not vectoring) of the rear differential called ATTESA ETS-PRO, but it hasn't made it to the R35 yet.

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