Nissan GT-R Wagon For Sale

Nissan GT-R Station Wagon
Carscoop just published this story about a Nissan Stagea wagon that has been converted to look like a Nissan GT-R Wagon. The car is offered for sale at 35,000 Euro or about $45,000.
Red is faster. Looking kinda Time Attacky
The ad says that the car features a 2.5 liter engine, and makes 400 horsepower. Its not a 3.8 liter VR38DETT. Its not 480 or 545 horsepower.  Pity would have been even more fun. Everyone needs a 500+horsepower wagon.

The sparkly rainbow paint and GT-R logo hides a reported 400hp. 

Interior even carries the red and black theme, carbon fiber, and GT-R logo
The rear even features the Nissan GT-R quad exhaust tips. 

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Anonymous said...

I'd honestly buy this, but not for the asking price of $38,900.

If I had the time and money, I'd buy it and do an R35 GT-R interior swap on it, swap in a VR38DETT engine and transmission and get an AMS Alpha Performance package on it and have myself a super fast wagon.

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