2015 Nismo Nissan GT-R Unmasked

Is this the 2015 NISMO Nissan GT-R? 
The GT-R Heritage forum has gathered several images speculating on what we might see for the 2015 NISMO Nissan GT-R, and opened a discussion.  The first image from shows a new front bumper with larger openings, side skirts, and a couple of minor red trimmed parts, and unique wheels to go along with the NISMO theme.

2015 Nismo, or EBA-R35? 
The 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R chassis code was the CBA-R35. The 2012 up car was the DBA. Is the 2015 car going to be the EBA-R35?  It is all just speculation at this point. Check out all the speculation. forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

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