Nissan GT-R : Faster Than a Redneck

TV is entertainment. Just remember that. Its there to entertain, perhaps educate. In this case, there is a new show on Speed called R U Faster than a Redneck. Check out their Facebook page for some more information and to join in on the action. In the latest episode, Jeremy from SSP put his Nissan GT-R against the rednecks. As you can imagine with a decent driver, in a decent car, you need a lot of Redneck to be able to beat the all wheel drive, V-6 twin turbo GT-R.

However Jeremy said that he had an issue with the all wheel drive, and it wasn't working during the contest. He was also a bit handicapped by the 220 treadwear tires, on this small one mile track. If you want to watch all the action then you can find the show running on Speed, or check out the link below.

Check out the conversation on the GT-R Life Message Board. 

Let's see some of the Rednecks out at the One Lap of America. See what they can do against some GT-R's on a few different tracks, with transit between.

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