8.4@180 Switzer Goliath Nissan GT-R at the Dragstrip

Check out the in car video of the Switzer Goliath Nissan GT-R. 8.4@180 mph is pretty good for a 4100 lb car.

A few days ago, the first Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” became the world’s fastest GTR, rocking the Moscow Unlimited with a 22-second pass at 250 MPH in the hands of an amateur driver. While that pass set a new standard for GTR top speed, the 1/4 mile time on that run was in the high 9s, compared to a mid-8 sec. 1/4 mile ET from other high-powered GTRs. “If you look at the ‘other’ closest GTR competitor, it’s quite easy to see how stable our car is in comparison. The ‘other’ car is literally all over its lane at the beginning of its runs in order to maximize its time – if all goes well. That’s a little more dangerous than we care to be, so you will notice that even though we sacrificed our ET in the interest of stability, the car accelerated straight and true even though it clearly had the horsepower advantage at the top of the course.”
To underscore the Goliath’s horsepower advantage and the flexibility of Switzer’s VR38 engine program, Tym and his crew took a more experienced driver out to Michigan’s Milan dragway. He also brought along a film crew The result was a tire-blistering 8.46 second pass at more than 180 mph from the full-weight, 4100 lb. car … almost two tenths and a full 10 mph faster than the 8.6 second record-setting pass from June!

Source: Switzer Performance for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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