190 MPH : In the Quarter Mile : Now with Video

Now with video

Most people will never hit 190 mph in a car. An R35 GT-R has a top speed, just north of 190 mph, 196 ish officially. If you have enough road, enough balls, then you should be able to just about hit that 200 mph mark. Big power GT-R's have been going faster and faster in the quarter mile since the car was produced.

 A standard 2015 Nissan GT-R will do right around 123 mph in the quarter, give or take a couple mph.  AMS's Alpha Omega GT-R ruled the R35 GT-R roost for a while, but was recently beaten by the ETS R35.

During recent testing, AMS just laid down their best ET, and MPH. Seven point eight three seconds in a quarter mile. One hundred and eighty seven MPH on that pass. And although the ET was slower, another pass the car went though the traps at one hundred and ninety MPH.  

With a better 60ft of 1.322 she crossed the stripe with a 7.831@187.38mph. Mind you this was still not at full boost but it was important that we try to improve our short time. With high hopes we went out for pass number 5.

Nutty fast. Making power.

Some new stats from the outings:
0-60 mph (1ft rollout) 1.58 seconds
0-100 mph (1ft rollout) 2.85 seconds
60-130 mph: 2.46 seconds
100-150 mph: 2.20 seconds for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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