Alpha 16 GT-R WINS 22nd Annual Buschur Shootout GT-R Quick Class

From the better late than never open tab, comes this Alpha 16 from AMS Performance and Diamonds by Wire. 

The Diamonds by Wire Alpha 16 GT-R driven by owner, Gideon Chamdi took home the 1st place win in the GT-R Quick Class at the 22nd Annual Buschur DSM / EVO / GT-R Shootout this past weekend!

Owner and driver, Gideon, has quite a bit of experience in 1/2 mile and roll racing. This is not the case on the 1/4 mile track where he only had the test & tune portion of the event to ready himself for his first 1/4 mile competition ever! He learned quick and his excellent reaction time coupled together with the massive power of his blue Alpha 16 GT-R brought him to victory against some very tough competition!

Opponents included the ETS shop GT-R along with world-renowned transmission builder and racer, John Shepherd of Sheptrans. Despite being outmatched in power in the semifinal round and less experienced in the final, his consistent performance earned him a well-deserved win in this year's GT-R Quick Class event. 

AMS Performance would like to sincerely congratulate Gideon on his victory! It is no secret what an excellent sportsman he is as well as a great friend to the entire AMS team! 

Some interesting stats on Gideon and his Alpha 16 GT-R from this weekend (v-box verified):

0-60mph in 1.56 seconds (our quickest recorded)
0-100mph in 3.29 seconds
1/4 Mile in 8.22@179mph

Check out the video below. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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