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One seized Skyline GT-R
1050 signatures so far - 11-12-11
2383 11-14-11
4295 11-15-11
5326 11-16-11
7902 11-17-11
8891 11-18-11
9558 11-19-11 - keep posting it up
9851 11-20-11 - more push needed
10343 11-21-11
10550 11-22-11
10803 11-23-11 - way too slow
11367 11-28-11- slow over the holiday
11462 11-29-11 - only about 100 a day
11606 12-1-11
11891 12-6-11 - only 3 days left, and we need 13109 signatures. 

Doing our best to get this petition out there. Not sure how this will really effect anything, but Toby started it, and I will help to spread it around a bit.  Its going to require much more than a simple online petition to do much. No one really cares about a bunch of old cars.  Then when they do care, you just end up with Prius lovers bashing the old "turbocharged, gas eating, dangerous, blah, blah" whatever they can come up with.

It has a goal of 25k signatures. It has 117 with my name on it now.  Head over sign up, sign in, and put a name on it.   The laws can be changed, and this is one step, but in order to do it, a lot more would have to be done. Anything is possible, it just all requires effort from more than just a few people.

I figured it felt like the right time to throw a bit of effort behind it. I know a lot of people, that know a lot of people, that know a lot of people. This is the reason the Nissan Skyline is illegal in the US.

What we really need is about 1,000 people a day signing the petition. People forget, mean to do it, don't get around to it, so the people that care, and are trying to make it happen, have to make sure those people sign up. Just takes a couple minutes, and it might be the start for a movement.

Car enthusiasts need to be a little more vocal. Don't let the few loud, over power us quiet many. We get pushed around doing what we enjoy doing. The "green" movement seems like it might be strong, but we need to be stronger.

We need to leverage social media. We need to leverage those email lists. We need to leverage those blogs. We need to leverage those forums.

Sign the petition here:

Stop using Homeland Security funds to seize imported vehicles, and change the DOT/EPA exemption to 15 years.

 The Department of Homeland Security spends a shockingly disproportionate amount of its budget not on security initiatives, but on customs seizures. In particular, importers of grey-market vehicles have been targeted by monies taxpayers have intended to be used to secure our country against terrorism and terrorist activity. We call upon the Executive Branch to immediately cease this wasteful activity, and furthermore to change the DOT/EPA exemption time on grey-market vehicles from 25 years to 15 years (to match the vehicle regulations of Canada), recognizing that the 25-year rule was enacted due to support from special interests such as Mercedes Benz North America.
The petition made it to Autoblog. Thank you guys.
Edmunds Inside Line  posted it up on their blog.  Thanks.
Jalopnik also posted up an article.  Thanks Mike Spinelli.
Z-Car Blog posted up a request. Thanks Rob. 
MotoIQ : Don't Tread on Me
Hemmings posted it in their blog
Japanese Nostalgic Car blog put it up.
Thanks to Wrecked Magazine for posting the petition link.
Occupy the Truth About Cars

If you are looking to import a 25 years or older car, you can find some more information at: 

Some more information on imported vehicle seizures
Kaizo import and seizures.


Anonymous said...

Got my sig for sure. Facebook, here I come to spread the word.

air ride kits said...

Car enthusiasts should not be deprived of this freedom and expression in cars. I vote too.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I feel about the whole compromise deal. This baby-steps approach could backfire. There was no law against importation, then there was. Repeal the law.

Anonymous said...

Every car I've owned has been a domestic. Chevrolets, Pontiacs... But this goes way beyond that. Anyone who is a car enthusiast of any type should sign on to this. I'll spread this as much as I can.
No one can tell me that a 15 year old Japanese car is more or less safe then the rusted out Civics or Cavaliers that litter the USA.

Anonymous said...

I want to start a new one, it eneded and I want these cars! how can we start a new one?
email me at if anyone w3ants to start a new one.

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