Jul 30, 2007

2009 GT-R shifter

From the GTROC.uk forums. They have a good picture of the gear shifter showing reverse, neutral , auto and manual. Goes along with the other pictures of the shifter paddles.

Tommykaira R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R Motorex $93,000

Ebay link

The Tommykaira car was cool and all , but I think $93,000 might be a bit high. There is an LM R33 for sale right now for a bit less than that. Closer to $70k would probably be a more realistic US price for a decent R33 , Motorex car.

Jul 17, 2007

102 days to the Tokyo Motor Show 2007


102 days to the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. Well , less if you count its in Japan , which its already tommorow there, and they don't seem to count the media day as the opening day.

Jul 16, 2007

The new Supra = Lexus LF-A

The new Lexus LF-A is going to draw comparisons to the Supra of old and against the 2009 Nissan- GT-R.

5.0 liter V10 , 500 hp. It is going to be revealed to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show. This years show should be one of the most significant shows for Japanese automakers futures.

V10 NA vs V6 twin turbo. Supra vs GT-R . The natural order starts again. Its a good thing.

Jul 13, 2007

Clear interior picture

You can see the steering wheel controls for a lap timer , radio , handsfree , cruise control. Hey...since when did a GT-R have cruise control ? Lazy US market. Also notice the display in the dash - similar to the R34. I noticed large and small "gauges" on the screen.

T S V . Traction control , Active Suspension , Vehicle Dynamic Control ? Usually VDC and TC are together.

Tach - big side looks like it goes to 8k. Probably 7500 rpm redline.

Look carefully at the tape on the wheel - it doesn't say Nissan there - it says GT -R.

Jul 10, 2007

Automobile Magazine has run a new G37 coupe on the dyno with some great results. The VQ37VHR is an interesting engine. Its the first V-6 in the US to use infinetely variable valve timing and lift. The throttle body is no longer necessary , but still in place they say , because of emissions. The new technology doesn't really mean much to most people , but will open up some tuning challenges when upgrading this car. We will have to see how the system actually works to see what and how things can be upgraded. Even then , if its really necessary to upgrade the camshafts. Its going to add another dimension to trying to tune , and squeeze more power out of these engines.

So onto the dyno testing. 51 more rear wheel horsepower for the 2008 G37 coupe over the 2007 G35 coupe. Thats a lot of power. Thats 5 mph in the quarter mile. It also has about 20 more lb-ft of torque 500 rpms sooner. 287 rwhp @ 7300 rpm , 236 lb-ft @4400 rpms.

109 Days to the Tokyo Motor Show 2007


109 days to the Tokyo Motor Show 2007.