Supaca Imports - Round 2

On my vehicle import blog, I got a couple comments on my post on Supaca Imports. Today I get another one from...
" Anonymous said...

yeah supaca guys got 3 million dollar buidling in Tokyo. GO visit and join them. :) Dollar talks man, you are not even that big, they into some yak*za shit be careful. by the way, Sean, did you return all the money you took while at motor ex??? I got a "REAL victim" looking for you. You better had some cash ready when we get there. stop making ememies for no reason who taught you that was healthy?"

So heres my response:

#1 Please be man enough not to post as Anonymous. I would have ignored it , but you stuck your foot so far in your mouth, I am going to help you choke on it.

#2 Please learn proper English grammar.

#3 Get your facts straight.

A three million dollar building in Tokyo , whats that 1000 square feet of space ? You think a three million dollar place in Tokyo impresses me ?

Supaca imports is into Yakuza ? Giving people another reason to deal with them. I think they will thank you for helping their cause. And if you think that scares me , you are wrong. I have been dealing with Japan since 1989. I have been around the block once or twice.

Did I return money I took , when I was at Motorex ? Your facts Mr. Anonymous , get your facts straight. I worked at Motorex from 1999-2002. I was not the owner of Motorex.

I helped owners long after I left Motorex. If there has been any "real" victim looking for me, for 6 years , they haven't done a very good job. I get to about 20 events a year. I am out at NOPI events , Hot Import Nights, SCCA World Challenge , NHRA drag racing, SEMA, Time Attack events. You can find me on any one of a number of online forums. Freshalloy , Skylinesdownunder, Skyline owners UK , Skylines Australia , Automotive Forums , NICO , NAGTROC ,Supraforums, Sy/Ty forums. I hardly think anyone is looking for me.

Healthy ? Are you communicating a threat ? Are you threatening my health ? At least be a man to post your name up. Come on I dare you. I dare you to come up to me at an event.

Supaca Imports is giving people incorrect information. Giving this incorrect information is as good as scamming people to me. For many years now I have been helping owners that have been scammed by similar places to Supaca Imports. Prove they are any different.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Sean!!! Bitch slap them left and right. They know they get trump at every comment they make and now are making personal threat? That ain't kewl...if you're a legit company as much as you claim you to be, you settle it in court, if you think Sean is slandering you business. Otherwise you keep up the personal threat and you yourself just might find the Authority on your doorstep. Keep up the good work Sean.

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