One Lap of America : R35 GT-R :Final Results explaination

From Nagtroc

"Thanks for the sympathy on the last two events. There was a lot of coufusion about what was happening with the autocross. As of 9am Saturday morning, we had been restored to 7th place because the staff had decided to score the autocross more like they do the bracket racing (which we didn't run because of rain), where even if you're eliminated in the first round you get some points. So they gave all the DNFs 120 points. For some reason, everyone but us had been given the 120 points, so we were in 10th place before the skid pad. Someone noticed the error, and they added 120 for us, which restored us to 7th place. (I don't think that ever got posted on the web site, however, but it was printed out and posted at Tire Rack).

So we figured no matter how we did on the skid pad we were in the top ten. Smiling faces all around. But some of the others who had done really well at the autox protested, since the rules said a DNF was 0 points. So the decision was reversed. We ran the skid pad in reverse order (one guy literally ran it IN REVERSE because he lost his tranny on the way there) with the top cars running last. By the time we got done, about 11am, we found out not only did we lose that 120 points, but we hadn't done well enough on the skid pad to make it up. 11th place was a heartbreaker after all that.

We missed 10th by 40 points. If we'd had that 120, it would have been 8th. But that's one lap. We never argued one way or the other for our standings, we just let it ride.

I think the results at Road America (where we were 4th) is a pretty good assesssment of what that car is good at and what it can do. Tony knows that track, but hadn't had seat time in the car there. It was dry, so the tires were good. And it's along, fast track which is what the GTR excells at.

At the awards, 5-time winners DaVia and Wickstrom (who met autocrossing) offered us free autocross lessons any time.
Will post photos soon.

They did well in the car.

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