One Lap of America : R35 GT-R BeaveRun Autocross Results

From Nagtroc

AAARRRGGGHHH! We had a DNF on the autocross. The knife is twisting in the chest!
I thought we were going to run the kart course they have at Beaverun, which is what we did last time we were here. But nooooo. It was a real autocross. This event separated the men from the autocrossers, that's for sure. Tony ain't no autocrosser.

The way it was set up we each got one pass at the autocross, and that was it, period. Miss a gate, it was a DNF. Turns out LOTS of cars DNF (I think either 21 or 28, depending on who we talked to tonight), and instead of finishing anyway, many just left the course. If you're getting 0 points, what's the point in finishing? There was some talk among the One Lap staff about how to make it a little more fair -- but lots of people had packed up and left by then so there was no way to allow a second run. They couldn't count missing a gate as a 2-second penalty because so many drivers hadn't finished the course. We dropped from 5th overall this morning to 10th overall. OUCH. But there's still the dry skid pad tomorrow....of course everyone is in the bar tonight at South Bend comparing notes and having a great time. I'm setting up the asprin concession at the skid pad tomorrow.

Anyway, that's One Lap. Those of you who think this event is some kind of referendum on the quality of the GT-R or any other car have it wrong. This is old-fashioned, unpredictable, mix-it-up, run-what-you-brung FUN. Ending up in the top ten with a DNF is still pretty good, especially with as much rain and drizzle as we had. We hope we can hang on to that or better it a little tomorrow. The skid pad is also one of those events that can turn things upside down. The overall numbers don't tell it all.

Best part is we're all friends. If you can spare a week and some change, come join us next year. You'll see how strange and wonderful One Lap is. Now I gotta get some sleep. Group photo at Tire Rack at 8am, skid pad starts at 9. --ms

Overall Standings

1 1 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo SSGT1 BB 6125
Mark DaVia, Drew Wikstrom
2 2 Dodge Hennessey Viper SSGT1 BB 5895
Chris Winkler, Rob Jones
3 27 WCM Ultralite S2K Alt Fuel 5615
Kevin Boulton, M Harmoney
4 22 Porsche GT3 SSGT1 BB 5475
Peter Lier, Ian Stewart
5 25 Chevrolet Z06 Corvette SSGT1 BB 5410
Dan Corcoran, Kyle Corcoran

6 8 Ford GT SSGT1 BB 5310
James Stowell, John Fuchs
7 100 Nissan GT-R SSGT1 BB 5250
Tony Swan, Mary Seelhorst
8 3 Mongoose GTP SSGT1 BB 5235
Jeremy Herzberg, Danny Popp
9 13 Subaru Impreza STi MidPri Sed 5210
Steven Rankins, Steven Kornhaus, Jennifer Dunnaway
10 39 BMW E46 M3 SSGT1 SB 5160
Catesby Jones,

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