R35 GT-R's in Dubai are Nissan Test Cars

We have all seen the pictures of left hand drive R35 GT-R's already in the middle east. It raised speculation that the middle east was getting their cars before the US. According to this article , the cars are Nissans test cars. They have them in the middle east to test them in the middle eastern environment, prior to offering them for sale.

"Nissan GT-R Chief Vehicle Engineer and Chief Product Specialist, Kazutoshi Mizuno, along with his team arrived specially from Japan to conduct several tests as part of the local assessment programme before the supercar is introduced to Middle East markets in early 2009. "

Nissan Middle East Website

Its funny how rumors and things get spread. Several people were telling me, that they were privately owned cars.


Anonymous said...

Ive read this topic for some blogs. But I think this is more informative.

Anonymous said...

The cars are allready on the road and arent test cars and only the vvip's can get it these cars are american specs but the only notable diffirence is the caramel color from the inside which will only come on these vvip cars

Anonymous said...

Those are an American version and it is coming from Japan especially
for the elite and VVIP people in the Gulf,
Until the arrival of the Gulf version next year in 3/2009,
It has a warranty on it and with every car comes an owner
Supplement Guide in Arabic language and they are already have been delevered to their owners and those are part of 300 cars that is supposed to be delivered till December/2008 till they get their own Specifications. (Ra3y_Datsun)
Check this link:

Sean Morris said...

A couple of pictures of cars being driven doesn't show me anything. There have been Japanese spec cars in the middle east since they were released in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link indicating that those cars arent test cars and that they are privately owned

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