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Auction Link. C-West never drove the car much, always in the showroom or in storage. They put about 8,000km on the car as a demo car but never raced it or drove it hard. Neither did I. I put the Nismo 320k speedometer in brand new when I got the car from them and now it is just over 2000km. So in total the car has about 10k, easy driving. I did have C-West tune the engine from stock after I bought the car from the C-West owner Omoto san about 5 years ago. Also I had them repaint it afterward. Yellow was only produced in 1999 and very limited production. The Japanese don't like yellow much, they like white and black or silver. So yellow was rarely ordered. I've only seen a few R34 GT-R in all my years in yellow. But C-West took the Lightning bolt Nissan yellow which was a bit bland and repainted in the color you see. Now it's on par with Ferrari or Porsche or Lamborghini colors, something Nissan never had sense to do, but it's still the original color... yellow. It does turn heads everywhere I go. Funny, C-West produced the die cast model (limited 500 pieces) in the same color. That was even before they repainted the real car for me. So this big car got the same color the die cast model had. These three points are some of the best selling points for the car. The whole exterior of the car is aero C-West kit. One other sales point is I changed out the whole interior to M-Spec Nur leather heated seats and panels and kouki white stitch. Also I added the kouki bigger rear brakes and calipers. Later upgrades like the rear wing and carbon trunk C-West came out with, I put on this car. I made it racey, but kept it drivable like a good street car, and looking like the original demo car. I think it's about 480 horse power, maybe 500. Since the engine with was tuned from stock with new parts, it has been driven just over 2000 kilometers by me only, and it reads so on the clock, the Nismo 320k speedo I put in at that time new.


Engine and Drive Train:

HKS GTSS Turbines

Mines Pro II outlets

HKS front pipe 75 x 75 x 80

N1 Exhaust manifold

HKS Step one camshafts

HKS timing gear pulleys

Trust clear timing cover

Apexi Power FC

Apexi Boost controller

Nismo injectors

ARC Radiator

ARC intercooler (10cm)

Tomei fuel pump

Nismo fuel pressure regulator

Trust/Greddy stainless intercooler pipeing

Trust/Greddy oil cooler with engine bay oil element mount

Nismo air flow meters (air mass sensors)

Ogura twin plate carbon racing clutch

Nismo front lower arms and tie rods

Custom modified intake pipe (stock), Polished aluminum with plate welded in

Polished aluminum (stock) turbine inlets X 2

Quantum (English made) suspension, adjustable for height and soft or hard ride

Kouki Vspec II rear calipers and rotors

Stainless Nismo brake lines

Nismo clutch operating cylinder

Nismo stainless operating cylinder line (hose)

C’s short stroke shifter

HKS power flow air cleaners

Nismo muffler and exhaust pipe (8 cm)

Nismo tower bar with brake stopper

Nismo black 18” wheels by RAYS

Interior and Body/Aero parts:

Nismo White 320k speedometer

Nur M-spec front and rear leather seats (fronts have heaters), with M-spec matching door panels and rear seat side panels.

Nismo carbon look garnish behind door window x 2

C-West full aero kit as per original demo car: front/rear bumpers, rocker panels, bonnet, eye liners

C-West later Super Trunk hood, dry carbon 3.4 kg.

C-West later 3D GT II S wing with optional rear flap, which is on all C-West’s actual race cars.

Full respray, by C-West. All glass was removed, doors and trunk

Original demo stickers reapplied by C-West, one sticker replaced by NISMO sticker on doors

Nismo front WHITE blinker lamps and side markers

Die cast replica model of the car in the photos is included with the real car to the buyer or third owner.

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