Jeremy Clarkson on the Nissan GT-R

Times Online

"... when I went to Japan last month, I got myself a 193mph, 473bhp four-wheel-drive, trixied up, hunkered down, road-burning controlled explosion. I got myself the new Nissan GT-R.

It’s funny. In Japan, among the termite hill of kei cars, it felt like I was in a heavy metal blast from the past. It felt like I was blasting through a Girls Aloud gig in a rock dinosaur. But over here, things ought to be very different . . . "
"On the road, then, this £53,000 car – with its rear-mounted double-clutch gearbox and its handmade 3.8 litre twin turbo motor and its infinitely variable four-wheel-drive system – is quite simply, how can I put this . . . very underwhelming. The noise it makes is normal. The ride is normal. The steering is normal. You can adjust all the settings as much as you like but it’ll make no difference. It still feels like a big Sunny."

"This, then, is an extraordinary car, quite unlike anything I’ve driven before. You might expect it, with all its yaw sensors and its G readout on the dash, to feel like a laptop. Or you might expect, with all that heavy engineering, for it to feel like a road-going racer. But it is neither of these things. It certainly doesn’t feel like it could do a 7.29minute lap of the Ring. Even though I’ve seen a film of it doing just that."

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righteous said...

This is basically a PS3 with Nitrogen filled tires. I'm glad hey dropped the word 'skyline' from it, because it's an insult to all the R's (R33,R34) that came before it.

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