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Its been a long time coming, but its finally up. MotoIQ. Head Geek in charge Mike Kojima has banded together with a merry band of enthusiasts to form MotoIQ. There are some names you might recognize, besides Mike Kojima, there is Dave Coleman , Anne Sam , Sara Forst, and Eric Hsu.

So here we are. I believe that the hardcore are still out there, I believe that your editorial needs are not anywhere close to being filled by the current publications on the shelves at the newsstands or on low signal to noise ratio internet user group forums. We are not corporate, we are independents, we are lean mean and nimble, responsive to your interests.

If you are reading this, I believe you miss SCC. Well, I am here, Dave Coleman is here, as well as a bunch of other equally hardcore and capable car freaks and nerds.

Geek and Nissan Strong.

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