RB Motorsports R35 GT-R

CIMG6134 RB Motorsports has been looking for a used R35 over the last year, and last weekend, all the pieces fell into place, and we purchased an R35 GT-R.  Black/Black Premium . All stock, well taken care of.  The previous owner dropped it off to us at Laguna Seca during the World Challenge weekend.

This is the first time we had an extended drive in an R35 and its truly a rocket ship. 60 mph comes up before you know it. 70 mph passing on the freeway is just a tip into the throttle and you are moving at 90 mph.  The ride is firm, and the car tracks around on rough pavement, but its something we are used to from years of driving previous model GT-R’s.

For now the first modifications are wheels, then we will have to decide the direction we want to go with the car. Its a very capable car stock, but more than stock…just scary. 

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payne said...

hell yeah!

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