Limey Racing Clutch Packs For the R35 GT-R

Limey Racing has released upgraded and stock replacement clutch packs for the R35 GT-R.  The stock replacement packs will are rated at 620 ft/lbs, or about 650hp for $999.  The LR850 upgraded clutch packs are rated  at 800 ft/lbs or about 850hp for $1350.

p_IMG_0415_1 p_LR850_1


The next thing I would like to see someone develop would be some carbon/carbon clutch disks and friction surfaces for the clutch packs.  This would require some real re-thinking as they would not be a wet clutch surface, but then it might be possible to put a little heavier fluid in the trans to help cushion some of the gearshifts. 

Source : Limey Racing

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