Nissan GT-R Brakes for Skyline GT-R, 350Z, and 370Z

The March Issue of GT-R Magazine has the Nismo R34 CRS, or Club Race Sport. This latest special built model from Nismo Omori Factory takes a R34 Skyline GT-R, and makes it like a Z-Tune, with better brakes, and maybe some more refinement. Eventually once I get a Japanese reader to translate the whole article for me, I will try and put together some more information on the CRS.

Nismo Omori Factory is offering the Nissan GT-R 380mm 6 piston front, and 380 mm 4 piston rear brakes for the R34, Z33, and Z34.

Has a braking performance and rugged enough to move the round-trip, enjoy the ride all day without causing a fade phenomenon in circuit racing. Do not have to worry about electronic control system to operate excellent balance of front and rear brakes, ABS and other is false.

That says in Engrish, the ABS works fine, you won't have any issues upgrading the 332 mm rotors to 380 mm.  From reading the Nismo Omori Factory website, this upgrade is done on site, and requires certain wheels to clear these huge stoppers.

If its good enough for the R35, it should be good enough for the R34. However, if you run the factory Brembo cross drilled rotors, they crack. So, if you are looking to do this, do the AP Racing rotor upgrade in J-Hook or Slotted.

Looking sexy in 380 mm. 
(BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34) GT-R Sukairan one) Note
(Z33, Z34) Fairlady Z 1) Note 
to conform to "(φ380 rotor) brembo brake for genuine NISSAN GT-R" 1) Note, with the following wheel set will be installed. 

※ We handle a variety of products other than brembo "(φ380 rotor) brembo brake for genuine NISSAN GT-R". Size, and other models with respect to individually apply, please contact us.
Cracked factory R35 Brembo rotors

AP Racing J-Hook rotor upgrade for R35

If you really want to go all the way, add the STILLEN/AP Racing CCM-X brake rotors at 400mm, and 38 lbs lighter than the stock R35 Nissan GT-R rotors. However, you need to have a very special 18 inch wheel, or larger to clear the 400mm. Shooting some pictures of the AP CCM-X, AP J-Hook, and DBA brake rotor options for the R35 GT-R.
DSPORT Magazine 2012 Nissan GT-R with CCM-X brakes

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