Greddy TD06SH 20G R35 Twin Turbo Kit

Greddy TD06SH 20G R35 Twin Turbo Kit from SP Engineering on Vimeo.
In attempts to provide the much sought after R35 GTR with significant power gains, Greddy has put together an off the shelf twin turbo kit that enables SP Engineering to build a 9 second daily driven GTR without sacrificing the comfort of removing the interior, etc.
SP Engineering was able to produce a whopping 9.62 second 1/4 mile slip at 149mph using this setup including the Type29 R-Spec XL intercooler. Another client of SP Engineering, Hing Yim, was also able to pull a 9.84 quarter mile pass.
This kit provides the tuner with all the essential hardware to get their GTR up to 800+ power gains. Fuel management is not included in the kit. For more inquiries please contact any sales rep at Greddy or SP Engineering.
All installation, and tuning for this video has been executed by SP Engineering techs. Please inquire with or for any questions regarding such services.

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