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Motor Trend Magazine had the opportunity to test a pre-production Lexus LF-A in a comparison test vs a Nissan GT_R.  This is really not much of a “comparison” rather using a Nissan GT-R as a $87,000 yardstick vs the $375,000 Lexus.
It is also a preproduction prototype -- a crusher in industry parlance. It has no VIN or license plate, and sits on non-DOT-approved tires, so we can't drive it on the street. When we're done with it, it gets shipped back to Japan where it will likely be reduced to a fine, expensive powder. To ensure we don't facilitate an earlier end on this side of the Pacific, two watchful handlers will accompany us while we have it.
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The Dyno
The Lexus LFA on the Superflow dyno at K and N makes 430 wheel horsepower, and 283 lb/ft of torque to the wheels in a wide flat torque curve you would expect from a high revving V10.  On the same dyno the Nissan GT-R makes a peak of 382 wheel horsepower, and 376 lb/ft of torque that flattens off as the twin turbo V-6 advances towards redline.  The characteristics of a V-6 twin turbo engine with small exhaust housings, and big wastegates.
The Drag Race Video

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Derek said...

Great video.. love to see super cars race, even if it is slightly unbalanced; which I think this race was. The LFA is in a different league (in my opinion). What I'd like to see is a Toyota version, a less expensive car, perhaps referred to as the Supra! :)

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