2013 Nissan GT-R Upgrade Rumors

2013 GTR Track Pack
Embargo be dammed. 2013 Nissan GT-R rumors posted to Twitter from Evo Magazine. A NAGTROC member posted a tweet from Jethro.  The official information should be released around November 7th. Until then add this to the rumor pile.

Jethro from Evo on Twitter - 2013 GTR Info

New valves, heads, induction and cats. Revised springs/dampers and - get this - geo/spring/damper different right to left for driver weight.

More power/torque especially at high rpm. Felt a shade more agile but on very wet track hard to feel nuances. Still utterly compelling.

His dedication to the car is extraordinary. And to those who asked, 1720-1740kg is THE optimum weight for a road supercar. Fact. He says.

Other GT-R stuff. New Track Pack in Jpn: SpecV wheels, carbon frt splitter with brake ducts, stiffer (!) suspension - should come to UK

GT-R price update: 2 - 5k increase. 
New heads and cams?  VVEL like the 370Z/G37 would be cool, expensive, and it would put a lot of heat into the oil, but it would make for a nice flat torque curve- now closer to a line. Variable valve event and lift.  Its great tech, but probably not in the cards for now.  The same with direct injection. They could pick up some power and fuel economy with direct injection, like the 911, but it doesn't seem to be a change for a 2013 car.

1720-1740 kg.  I really can't agree with this. Lighter is always going to accelerate faster, corner faster, and stop faster than a heavy car.  It will also do it over and over with lighter components.  I understand that a big twin turbo charged road car, luxury road car, with leather and bluetooth, is going to have some heft. Stop trying to make excuses for it.

2k-5k increase, is probably English pounds. So maybe a $4,000-$10,000 increase in the US.  If I were to guess I would say $92,500 on the Premium, just under $100k on the Black Edition GT-R for 2013. .

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CGS exhaust said...

Hope that it will not be a rumor. The specifications of 2013 Nissan GT-R are terrific. Its a good upgrade.

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