UGR Lamborghini Gallardo Nera vs Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12

Once again, its the Russians, and Nissan GT-R's vs Lamborghini Gallardos. UGR built Lambo vs AMS turbo kitted Nissan GT-R. This GT-R sports a Alpha 12 turbo kit, but its not a full Alpha 12 build. This R35 is limited by the head, and in this video, boost, and fuel. At 900 whp, it has its work cut out for it against a 1050 whp Lamborghini Gallardo.
Lambo vs GTR. In magic moving pictures.

So who wins?  What happens when they crank them up?  Whens the blue car back?  In the thread on NAGTROC, and over on the Lambo Forums, it looks like UGR wants to challenge any GT-R to a race.  A few of these videos of GT-R's beating all comers must be getting to them. Sounds like someones feelings might be hurt.  I mean, on paper a ~1900 whp Lamborghini should be able to beat a ~1300 whp Nissan. Its math, physics, that kind of thing, but maybe I need it explained, because I am not that smart.  In this video below, we have two cars on pump gas, both still making insane power. Check it out, watch this space for more info.

  Source: NAGTROC

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