AP Racing Brake Rotors On Sale *** TODAY ONLY ****

Follow the link to the prices -  Curved Vane Rotor Upgrade
Sorry GT-R rotors are not free pads, but the prices on rotors nearly make them free.

The GT-R’s original equipment (OE) brake discs just don’t have the staying power when pushed to the limits. Premature brake disc cracking is something no one wants to see after a day of fun. It didn’t take long for many to realize this is one of the few areas of weakness in an otherwise incredible car.

Quickly responding to customer demand, STILLEN is now offering AP Racing upgraded discs that mount straight onto the OE brake hats. These discs have been track proven (Nürburgring, Silverstone and more) on GT-R’s in extreme conditions by professional drivers. They not only lasted much longer without cracking, several drivers reported improved brake pedal feel and easier pedal modulation. The best thing is that these upgraded discs cost even less than standard factory replacements.

Click HERE for a video explaining the benefits of these rotors.

Here are the highlights:

- Top quality, proprietary iron alloy with multi-stage thermal processing.
- Curved-vane core (48 vanes) for better thermal management under extreme use. More expensive to make, but improved cooling over the OE pillar vane design.
- Available in both Slotted and J-Hook Patterns (not drilled!) to improve pad bite and resist cracking under severe use.
- Precisely balanced at high RPM for smooth operation at any vehicle speed.
- Friction faces finished on the latest generation twin-turning equipment, better DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) and less runout than typical double-disc grinding machines.
- Includes fresh hardware for track-day confidence every day.
- Added bonus: Even priced less than the standard OE discs! 

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