1012 AWHP on 93 Octane : AMS Alpha 12

The season is upon us. The first shot fired this year in the AMS vs Switzer battle was 927 AWHP by the Switzer Ultimate Street GT-R. Now AMS fires back with an Alpha 12. This particular Alpha 12 is a beast, with over 1265 AWHP on C16, spinning the tires on the dyno.  This car is about 2.5 times as powerful as a stock car, on the same 93 octane fuel a stock car can use.   Now we just need to be able to get something other than our 91 octane fuel, that we see in California. It should still be able to do in the 900hp range on 91.
Tim's GT-R is a little different than most ALPHA 12's. IN addition to full blown ALPHA 12 he added the following:

ALPHA Ported Throttle Bodies
ALPHA Prototype Intake manifold
ALPHA Prototype Race intercooler kit

1012 horspower - 799 ft lbs of torque
 Source: NAGTROC

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Fantastic Graphically showed the Race Tracks and i love Your posts great... very informative and awesome about Race.....

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