Team America Nissan Skyline GT-R : Time Attack VQ35

Now this is different. Eric Hsu, formerly of XS Engineering, now working at Cosworth, has hatched a plan for World Domination.  Well, world domination at Time Attack.  The plan is to take his old R32 GT-R, and transplant an all wheel drive VQ35 into the car. Kind of a light weight R35 GT-R? Over at MotoIQ, Eric has laid out his plan and his team, for World Domination, in Time Attack.

Blue Steel
Blue, widebody, RB26 displacing 2.8 liters, twin 3037's. The car ran both a Holinger sequential, and a Getrag transmission.  The future plans include the Holinger.

We decided to run it one more time in 2006 where we put a new engine in it (we killed a rod bearing in the engine before we got to America Touge 3) with dry sump oiling and cut a little more weight out of the car getting it down to 3007 lbs wet, without driver. The car ran a best of of a 1:49.210 at Buttonwillow with Tarzan Yamada behind the wheel back in 2006. Come to think of it, the car was run once in 2007 also, but without proper testing, a different transmission, and Mr. Kobayashi from MCR Japan behind the wheel, the car ran a 1:51.xx. 
Eric said he only ran it at around 630 hp, I call bullshit. Looks like a couple ticks more than that in the video below.

Bye bye RB26. You sound so good, but you are too heavy, too old. 
I think it will lose about 100 lbs off the nose with the all aluminum VQ35. With the VQ being a V instead of an inline configuration, the weight distribution should be able to be a bit nicer than with the nose heavy RB. The Evo's have been the cars to beat in time attack the last few years, but it seems like the R35's are starting to come to it in a big way. The R35 is at a bit of a disadvantage due to weight.

R32 GT-RR33 GT-RR34 GT-RR35 GT-R
Weight (lbs)3262337333883836
Length (in)178184181.1183.2
Width (in)697070.374.6
Height (in)52.753.553.553.9

Head over to the post at MotoIQ for the full story, me losing a drag race against Eric, team, and plan for Team America.

R32 GT-R Left front wheel in the air on the 1-2 shift. IDRC Fontana

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